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Where's the spam in this audit?

Today I failed this audit in the LQP queue. This was the answer which I thought was OK: It didn't mention any product and didn't contain any link. The text is factual. I know that the user card was a ...
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Declined Rude/Abusive flag on nonsense post that doesn't involve keyboard-mashing

This is a question regarding a declined Rude/Abusive flag I raised against this answer (10k+) earlier today. The contents of the answer for those under 10k rep: Body must be at least 30 characters; ...
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Need better descriptions for why post was deleted in Audit

Failed this Audit. Which is fine, as I seem to fail them all the time lately. But the description of why the post was deleted covers all possible topics--I think inciting insurrection might be listed ...
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What should be done about offensive posts flagged as spam? [duplicate]

Previously I've come along this audit, the content of which is clearly highly offensive. And as stated in this answer: We do not create review audits from posts that were flagged as offensive ...
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Failed audit because of its answer

I have just failed an audit (and apparently I failed one too many - no triage for me for 2 days!). Apparently, the user is spamming/promoting in his answer. I saw the comment of Bill, which made me ...
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Known-bad triage audit generated from question deleted by now-deleted user

It looks like * mistakenly assumed that, because the question was deleted by a single user, and because that user was not the current post owner, ...
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Let's stop people getting confused (and failing) by audits and remove the worse offender: the low quality review audits

The recap: The low quality review queue is meant to "Identify, then improve or delete low-quality posts" Spam flags are meant for post that "Exists only to promote a product or service, does not ...
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I didn't pass a review audit [duplicate] was brought up on the Triage queue ( I naturally flagged it ...
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Should this audit be removed? [duplicate]

I just reviewed the following answer in the Low Quality Posts: Profanity below, please do not review if easily offended (Racism, Hate Speech etc.):
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Should questions destroyed as being offensive be used as review audits? [duplicate]

So, I was reviewing a question, and it totally seemed valid, but there was a picture at the start of the post, and, thinking it was related to the post, opened it, and was shocked to find that it was ...