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Make tags that have associated Stack Exchange sites more obvious

I do salesforce development and was curious how many people ask salesforce questions in the regular Stack Overflow community. Salesforce has released some new frontend tools so I thought there would ...
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Off-topic option: include Unix and Apple sister sites on off-topic notification

Now, for one of the off-topic reasons we have this: "Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve tools used primarily for ...
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Why is "Is this correct?" an off-topic question, and what should I ask instead?

Disclaimer: I'm not actually asking this - this is intended to be a reference post. Also, if you have additional tips for how to get started with testing, please feel free to add them to the ...
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Synchronize reputation, privileges, and badges across Stack Overflow, Software Engineering, and Code Review portals

On Stack Exchange there are 3 sites which are more or less targeted to the same audience — software developers, programmers, SWE: Stack Overflow Software Engineering Code Review What about ...
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Prevent "I'm voting to close this because it belongs on..." custom close reasons

We already have prevented posting the comment: What did you try? I suggest we also somehow prevent users from referring to other websites in the custom close reason. Per this Meta Stack Overflow ...
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What is the difference between [readability] and [code-readability]?

readability: Readability is a subjective parameter used to measure an aspect of code quality. It is based on the assumption that code should be easily comprehensible by humans, both in its form and ...
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Should I flag a mod-flag if a user advises (repeatedly) that askers take questions to other sites of the network, erroneously?

I've encountered a user (by virtue of seeing their comments in questions on the close-review queue) that with some consistency votes to close many questions with a custom reason reading something like:...
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Please stop redirecting performance problems to Code Review

According to this answer, performance questions are valid on both sites. Nonetheless, I see again and again questions closed here for no reason other than that they contain some possibly working code. ...
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Comment deleted - automatically?

I've just added a comment to this question along the lines of this (from memory) which has been deleted. The problem is that by asking if something is possible, you're effectively saying "please do ...
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Edit then move question to another site, or move then edit?

Let's say I'm reviewing a question in triage and find both of these actions are needed: The question needs to be moved to another site The asker needs to revise the question to meet that other site'...
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Failed audit for suggesting a post on Code Review [duplicate]

I just failed my first review for suggesting a user may get better answers on Code Review. The question presents two options of working code, and asks: What are the pros and cons? Or is there a ...
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