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Discourage screenshots of code and/or errors

Can we add some guidance to discourage new users from posting screenshots of their code and/or errors? It may not be the most common problem, but I've run into it more than a few times. New-ish user ...
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Is recommended?

I've just discovered that there is a site, but what is the official view of using this in comments? Although the text of the pages are well-written and carry an overall ...
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Where are new users supposed to learn that they should show code and error messages as text, not as images?

Recently I saw a question by a new user, where they showed the error message they were getting in the form of a screenshot of their IDE. I added a comment, telling them that they should include the ...
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Why *do* people post code as images?

After seeing many posts that contain code as images, I start to wonder exactly why do people do this. I myself have never thought about posting code as images. "code is text, and I can insert text in ...
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Raise / Remove reputation limit for showing "Do not upload code screenshots" message

As a result from the feature request Discourage screenshots of code and/or errors about 2.67 years ago, a message has been added to the image uploader warning users not to use them as a means to add ...
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Raise the amount of reputation needed to stop seeing the warning on the image upload dialog

I keep seeing edit suggestions to add screenshots of text get approved. (Another recent example.) This isn't just a matter of robo-reviewing; users above 2K reputation will also make these edits (...
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Should we ban link only comments to [duplicate]

I've seen 2 link-only comments that point to different pages on in the last day. These aren't helpful/constructive. I know comments are supposed to be treated temporarily, but the ...
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Include "Don't post images of code" in the guide

I was trying the wizard mode of asking a question, and when I came to the "Show some code"-section it said "Don’t paste an entire file", and "Don't paste just one line". My suggestion is to also add "...
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Better support for sample data and perhaps table schemas in SQL questions

I've been around SO since almost the beginning, and in that time I've answered a LOT of SQL related questions. One point of pain in this area has always been posting sample data or query results. We'...
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Help center entry explaining how to post code or error messages

There are still many questions with code or error messages posted as screenshot only, despite the discouraging message in the image uploader for low-rep users (see the accepted answer to Discourage ...
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Can the editor have a dialog for adding code?

Regarding screenshots of code, Shog9 said this back in February: Honestly, @Tanner, this is probably one of those situations where if we want to do better than a text warning we have to dig into ...
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