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Should I find the creator of every library that is shared by SO users in the review?

I have just been suspended from review because these Low quality posts audits: 12 September: #29787451 (screenshot) 3 October: #29979584 (screenshot) In my opinion, both answers are "Looks OK&...
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Low quality answer queue - why is this audit spam or offensive? [duplicate]

In the "Low quality answer queue", I came upon this audit, which I marked as "Acceptable". However, it was recently deleted by Community because it was flagged as spam or offensive ...
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Is this audit clear enough? [duplicate]

I was reviewing LQP, and I failed this audit. I asked in SOCVR, and was told that the user who posted that was spamming low quality content, and therefore all their answers were deleted as spam. They ...
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To what extent should I investigate a Low Quality Posts review? [duplicate]

I just failed this audit on a copy paste of another legit answer with a spam link appended. Granted, the link isn't even well-disguised, but it isn't blatantly obvious when you're judging whether the ...
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Why is this answer spam deleted? [duplicate]

I just failed an LQP review audit where I'm absolutely not sure why the post has been spam deleted: throttling SES message with SQS and Lambda The answer fits to the question, and it explains all ...
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Failed low-quality queue test, looked OK to me [duplicate] While I'm not an expert in the area, the answer seems legitimate. It suggests using a package for doing what the OP requests. Why was it ...
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Review banned period doubled for one single failure on a Low-Quality review which seems not a spam

I've known that inside the Low-Quality queue, one could be banned due to a single audit failure if the review is "spam" related. Refer: Review ban for one single (opinable) incorrect review? ...
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Is this a bad review audit? If not, what am I missing? [duplicate]

I recently failed this review audit, however I don't understand why: The answer seems reasonable. It provides an answer to the question and a link for further reading. It's not a spam link, I ...
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Why did I not pass the audit? [duplicate]

I Low Quality Post review I got an answer to the question How to resize image before uploading to CDN using CURL . I answered this looks ok: I don't understand why. I got banned till the end of ...
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Is there any consistency in how answers are supposed be reviewed?

Is there any consistency in what is expected when reviewing answers? What exactly is the task when reviewing answers? I got this as a test, and I should have rejected it because it is a duplicate of ...
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Duplicate answer as review audit [duplicate]

This question is about the review audit system specifically, not a question about how to deal with duplicate answers in general. I was reviewing late answers when I was presented with the following ...
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Failed review test unfairly

I just failed a review test: Programmatically get a list of all installed updates in Windows The answer has been marked as spam. However, it is clearly not spam. It's not offensive, and it is a ...
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What is the problem with this review queue audit question? [duplicate]

I was going through the low quality posts queue when I had to review the audit answer below. I first thought it was an audit with a high quality post pretending to be flagged, but it ended up being ...
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Audit links should point to the revision that was audited

TL;DR. Audit links should point to the post revision that was audited, instead of the latest one. Pointing to the latest revision can incorrectly lead to the conclusion that either audit was bad, or ...
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Failed audit - what's wrong? [duplicate]

Can you tell what is wrong with this post? Maybe it isn't the correct answer, but it looks okay for me.
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