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Failed LQP audit: how to decide if an answer is spam?

I just failed this review audit. The answer was supposedly spam, but I'm not sure how I should be coming to that conclusion. Reasons why I thought the answer wasn't spam: The answer is on-topic: the ...
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What is the problem with this review queue audit question? [duplicate]

I was going through the low quality posts queue when I had to review the audit answer below. I first thought it was an audit with a high quality post pretending to be flagged, but it ended up being ...
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How to detect plagiarism when reviewing audit answers? [duplicate]

Yesterday I reviewed a good looking answer with No Action Needed, but it turned out to be a review audit that's supposed to be reviewed for removal because it is a copy of another answer. Here's the ...
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To what extent should I investigate a Low Quality Posts review? [duplicate]

I just failed this audit on a copy paste of another legit answer with a spam link appended. Granted, the link isn't even well-disguised, but it isn't blatantly obvious when you're judging whether the ...
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Audit on plagiarism in Late Answer review queue [duplicate]

I recently had this audit. Naturally, the comments are not shown prior to an action by me, so the only way I would have recognized this as plagiarism is by opening the full question. I'm fairly ...
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Why is this answer considered spam? [duplicate]

I recently failed this audit in the Low Quality Posts queue and got banned. Apparently, the community closed it as spam/abuse, although I still cannot figure out why. It seems like a decent post to ...
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Why is this answer spam deleted? [duplicate]

I just failed an LQP review audit where I'm absolutely not sure why the post has been spam deleted: throttling SES message with SQS and Lambda The answer fits to the question, and it explains all ...
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Is this a bad review audit? If not, what am I missing? [duplicate]

I recently failed this review audit, however I don't understand why: The answer seems reasonable. It provides an answer to the question and a link for further reading. It's not a spam link, I ...
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Low quality answer queue - why is this audit spam or offensive? [duplicate]

In the "Low quality answer queue", I came upon this audit, which I marked as "Acceptable". However, it was recently deleted by Community because it was flagged as spam or offensive ...
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Failed audit - what's wrong? [duplicate]

Can you tell what is wrong with this post? Maybe it isn't the correct answer, but it looks okay for me.
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Why was this post deleted as spam or offensive? [duplicate]

Today while I was reviewing Low quality posts, this post was given to me as an audit which I failed because I reviewed it as LOOKS OK. The post actually LOOKS OK. It was deleted as spam which I think ...
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Why did I fail this audit for LQP? [duplicate]

I failed an LQP review audit for an answer to the following question The answer was as follows: If want to see raw SOAP body you probably need a custom MessageEncoder. And unlike message ...
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Dispute Failed VLQ audit [duplicate]

Today I failed this review in the low quality queue that I though looked OK because it explained what needed to be done and linked to (possible) helpful documentation. The reason for this failure was ...
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Why did I fail this LQPRQ audit? [duplicate]

I just failed this Low Quality Posts review audit, but I'm not sure why. Here is the answer: // calling action var executeAction = orgService.Execute( new OrganizationRequest("...
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Why did I not pass the audit? [duplicate]

I Low Quality Post review I got an answer to the question How to resize image before uploading to CDN using CURL . I answered this looks ok: I don't understand why. I got banned till the end of ...
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