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Why doesn't my question about a topic that hasn't been covered in pep 8 have more upvotes? [duplicate]

I asked this question, Should if statements be surrounded by blank lines to follow pep8?, on stack overflow because I couldn't find anything that addressed blank lines around if statements and I ...
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Why is it that very few questions get up-voted at all? [duplicate]

I am having difficulties asking questions because of the bans, but I understand why they're there. However, when I look through all the questions getting posted, a scarce few of them seem to get ...
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Why do questions get answered but not upvoted? [duplicate]

I was just looking at hot questions on StackOverflow and I saw this question: How to access to a multidimensional row by row? There are 4 answers and zero upvotes. So at a minimum, four registered ...
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When answering, should we upvote the question and the other (correct) answers? [duplicate]

When answering a question on Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites, I usually upvote both the question, as well as any other answers on the question that correct and working. My reasoning ...
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Dealing with no feedback from low-rep or new users [duplicate]

Sorry if this question is a duplicate, I couldn't find any about this specific nuance or maybe I'm just writing here to vent some frustration. I have the maybe bad habit to pick up newbie questions ...
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Are questions really getting worse?

I have noted that recently fewer and fewer questions are getting positive score and I think this is a tendency that has been going on for a while. In fact I wrote a DB query to check how the percent ...
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Why would a question that's normally too broad in *any* other language be okay if it's in Python?

In keeping with a theme I've got nowadays - wondering about moderation and how consistent, even and fairly we apply it - I've run into this scenario enough times to warrant a Meta post. Take a ...
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Why doesn't a question earn some additional reputation when its answers get votes? [duplicate]

If a question you asked is generating a lot of answers with high votes, why doesn't the question earn reputation for this? I would think people visiting the site may not remember to upvote a good ...
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Answering questions should auto-upvote

I think I am correct in saying that you would not take the time in answering a question if the question was not useful and clear, or didn't show any research effort. Basically, you will answer a ...
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Reputation points for the questioner whose answer gets voted up

When an answer gets voted up, the person who has asked the question should get reputation points added, because at the core of Stack Overflow it is the huge cache of questions by the questioner which ...
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Using upvotes to fight bad questions

I've seen several discussions on how to stop the flood of bad questions and thereby improve signal to noise. Currently we can close them but it's seems at least on some popular tags that it's hard to ...
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