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Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test

Thank you all for voicing your feedback and your concerns regarding the test of the Reactions feature. We would like first to give some additional background surrounding the intentions around this ...
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The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

TL DR: The input from meta carries far less sway than it used to. The Stack Overflow Company (I'll refer to as the network) is making the decisions on site changes. We need to adapt to our new limited ...
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Triage implementation has been (silently) abandoned midway, how bad is that?

I recently learned that triage development has been abandoned midway: Triage was predicated on us rewriting all of the views. Which... Very nearly happened. And then didn't. (side note for readers ...
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Let me save the intersection of 2+ tags as a favorite

Suppose I'm a C# developer, but I only program in Windows Forms. I might add c# as a favorite tag, but then I get C# web questions too. I might put in windows-forms as a favorite, but then I get VB....
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Where are all the bountied questions? [closed]

I opened Stack Overflow in a browser I don't usually and noticed a series of buttons that I don't have when logged in. Not logged in and visiting python Logged in and visiting python "Bounties" ...
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Groups of favorite tags?

I like browsing questions by specific tags, but with variations of tagging this isn't always clear-cut. Is there a way of creating groups of favorite tags, so I can have one-click filters for these? ...
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Whatever happened to saved question filters? [duplicate]

I don't remember when it happened (it was a long time ago), but suddenly I was no longer able to see my lists of filtered questions. Since I'm active in mainly low traffic tags, 99.99% of the time ...
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Version-Specific Tags Hide Questions from Users Subscribed to Version-Agnostic Tags

Forgive me if I'm doing it wrong, but when browsing Stack Overflow for questions that I may be able to answer, I would typically add a number of Favourite Tags and then browse the set of questions ...
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Why is 'unanswered' not a tab?

Edit: I just noticed this is the standard behaviour, it doesn't happen just for tags. I still find this a bit confusing though. I search for a tag, for example [gnuplot] and I see this: The first ...
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What do SO's top users do to answer questions so quickly?

Sometimes I ask a question on SO and a few minutes later I find a brilliant answer. How was the answerer notified that my question was posted? I do not think people stare at https://stackoverflow....
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Refresh page doesn't reset current page [duplicate]

I am not sure if this is a feature, but it's something new (for some weeks already). I have bookmark to start SO with c# tag (maybe important, maybe not). After looking first page I may go to page 2,...
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Remove [featured] from retiring new nav

Retiring New Navigation (beta) in preparation for Navigation 3.0 has been featured for a long time now and has resulted in the bug where it appears in the FAQ. Is it time to make this post no longer ...
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Tag filter view wasting screenspace compared to default view

I have posted this as an answer in the new nav topic before, but I think it can be formulated as a feature request standing on its own. I was using the retired new nav to quickly access questions ...
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Topic list design [duplicate]

I've noticed this morning that my topic list got changed. It used to be: _________ _________ _________ | | | | | | Topic title | votes | |answers| | views | |_______| |...
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Where are my custom tabs? [duplicate]

For a past couple of days, I am not able to see my custom tabs. I see only default tabs e.g. interesting, featured, hot etc. and no option to add tabs is available. Are tabs have been removed from ...
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