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Take the knife-edge question challenge

When talking about question evaluation, it sometimes comes up that voters and answerers are not really to be relied upon to make the determination between good and bad. I'm never sure how to go about ...
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Is the “Ask a question” wizard being used?

I have a question about “Ask a question” wizard prototype. The question is, is the wizard being used for new users? Or is the problem still being studied? If not being used, then can something please ...
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A brief history of the review queue indicator and the efficacy of recent changes

Lately, we've been making adjustments to how the review queue indicator works. Sometimes when we work on some esoteric feature for a long time, we start to lose track of the ultimate goal. In this ...
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Introduce users to the importance of an MCVE when asking about errors with specific code [duplicate]

It's been 10 months since I joined Stack Overflow, and I have learned the greatness of the sentence Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example please. in various comments to new questions from new ...
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Is it possible to link directly to a full-screen code snippet?

This answer is a thing of beauty. I want to share it far and wide, but I can't figure out how to link directly to the snippet in full screen mode. The helpful "Expand Snippet" button is great and ...
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How to improve the visibility of my answer especially in posts that have lots of other answers?

We have bounties for making our questions featured, but there are hardly any effective mechanisms or tools to improve the visibility of the answers, especially in cases where the question already has ...
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Should I create a tag-specific question template and ask new users to refer to it for asking good question?

I work on the tag mongodb most of the time on SO. Usually, the questions are about some query composing, like "how can I achieve behaviour xxx?". For us, people who are trying to help, ...
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How "mandatory" can we make the help wizard?

I was reading the featured post of the Question Wizard, which is great that it's finally out and has recorded positive metrics! However, I am still a bit unclear on the actual "must use" nature of ...
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What's too broad about "all the possible operations that could cause a NaN"?

What are all the possible calculations that could cause a NaN in Python? The original version of this question, reproduced below, is asking what possible ways there are to get a NaN in Python. The ...
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Lack of motivation or context (or too many XY problems) in questions

I find that a lot of questions on Stack Overflow are lacking some motivation and context (and could be XY problems). Very often I am commenting new questions by requesting more context & ...
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Why was my answer on the question template Meta discussion deleted?

Recently I posed a honest answer for the popular question, which was not a response to any other post but the question asked, and which tone was absolutely neutral: There should be a dedicated input ...
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Why was my answer on the question template meta discussion also deleted?

Recently, similar to the situation described here, I posted an answer to this question about a question template initiative. As in that situation, my answer was also deleted. It's an immense mystery ...
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Please provide a tagline with site purpose

Would it be possible to add a tagline or subtitle for Stack Overflow in an attempt to educate users of the purpose of the site? Maybe something like: Or: What I am finding is, some users still don't ...
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Reducing the number of low quality posts without excluding potential newcomers to our community

There's been much discussion on how to reduce low quality posts on the site. Both as questions and answers. I was having a discussion with someone about how we can improve the instructions to new ...
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Automatic downvoting bad questions [duplicate]

I know there are already mechanisms to warn users about dumping their code, resulting in very lengthy and difficultly understandable questions, long subjects, and I read that people still ignore all ...
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