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Why is it hard for the question author to upvote the answers?

This is a complaint, as well as a question I'm curious about. I have recently started writing answers on Stack Overflow. I have written several answers over these past 2 months. One thing that really ...
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I would like to be able to ask questions again. What more can I do to improve my existing questions? [duplicate]

As per this page, when asking questions is disabled for your account, you are supposed to go edit and improve your existing questions until the nebulous "system" (an algorithm I assume?) ...
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Only enable positive reputation to be awarded on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I question how useful negative reputation is for meeting the needs of people using Stack Overflow and also for Stack Overflow meeting its objectives. I understand that negative reputation can be a ...
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Lower the reputation threshold for approving/rejecting edits

I feel like I started getting the following error more often lately while trying to edit posts: There are too many pending edits on Stack Overflow. Please try again later. Being that only users with ...
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Can someone downvote me over a reason they are wrong on, and the downvote stands?

I asked a question here and it was downvoted for lack of command line but I used a plugin for eclipse and never used command line as implied by my tags but the downvote stands.
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Where can I view the reasons my question was downvoted? [duplicate]

I got downvotes on a question and would like to improve my asking technique. Is there a way to view the downvote reasons?
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What is wrong with my question about Firefox opening two tabs for a link?

I would like to understand what is wrong with this question: with _blank opens two tabs in Firefox I have provided the code I have provided a jsfiddle I have provided an animated GIF ...
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Is it wrong to delete an irrelevant answer? [closed]

Someone posted a query regarding web development (HTML, CSS stuff) and the question looked like it needed a bit more furnishing. But, anyway I went ahead to answer it as it seemed okay. I put like ...
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Protection of new users from aggression [closed]

I have been on this site for a couple of days and brought with me a personal puzzle problem. I had people who totally understood this question and provided some answers. On the other hand, specific ...
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Can you share flags when it is inactive for weeks/months?

I still have 2 flags still unreviewed and I already read this and I understand that not everyone is seeing all these flags being put. In this question, I flagged it to be migrated with the words: ...
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Closing/deleting a question based on lack of details, yet no specific request for details was provided

I have recently asked a question about memory usage in C++. Since it is closed and deleted now, if you can't see it: I've outlined my attempts to free some memory and asked whether my understanding of ...
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Receiving -2 Reputation in several answers

i wonder why i get -2 Reputation in several answers.. This is an example, overall i got -2 Reputation Angular HttpClient: Post method does not set parameter correctly Another example axios does not ...
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Inquiry comment deleted for no apparent reason: clarifying if there is any malicious intent with my comment deletion

I answered a question, and to no surprise, received a downvote. That's not the problem, it happens all the time. And I somewhat understand the reason for the downvote - even though technically I did ...
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What to do if your question is closed as “Too broad” even if it isn't?

Context A while ago I asked a question about compiling go to C [click here], and whether or not I could use a different c-compiler then the default. I received 2 comments, both asking me about the ...
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How can I improve my question about FPGA programming?

Here is the question: Apparently, I have made the false assumption that providing feedback is mandatory ...
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