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Random revenge downvote without a reason

I got recently a few downvotes done in a couple of seconds interval... Is it possible, that someone just didn't take my criticism and went through my answers and randomly downvoted some of them? What ...
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Do we need to be nicer to new users? [duplicate]

I know this question has been asked before, but I think it needs to be asked again since it is an ongoing effort to have a changing community finding the right balance. Today a new user on Stack ...
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Why is the community so vindictive about theoretical questions? [duplicate]

I'm referring to my question here: Why does the greatest IEEE floating point representable number smaller than 1 differ from 1 by half a machine epsilon? I was asking a genuine question and had an ...
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What's wrong with my question? [closed]

What is wrong with my original question, I try to be direct and professional, and I get anonymous ...
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Is it okay to tactically downvote (downvoting competing answers)?

When you downvote an answer, you lose 1 reputation. According to this post, this is to discourage tactical/strategic downvoting, where you downvote other competing answers to a question to bring you ...
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Why are questions on Meta about improving questions on the main site, themselves usually poorly received?

I have noticed a common pattern: Someone's question(s) on the main site is/are not well received That person comes to Meta to ask about how to improve the question(s), perhaps due to seeing a ...
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Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely?

We're all familiar with the numerous complaints, from both new and longtime members of the Stack Overflow community, describing this place as unfriendly, even hostile. It's a serious enough problem ...
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Notice when downvoting a new users question

So recently, we've been seeing a lot of discussion around Stack Overflow not being very welcoming. There are two questions that proposed an approach to handle downvotes on new users, both massively ...
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Should we lock questions/responses from downvotes after a period of time? [duplicate]

Is it possible, or even wise, to stop accepting downvotes on questions and/or responses after a set period of time? Case in point, here is one example which recently happened to me. This seemingly off-...
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I think someone may have just downvoted a whole bunch of [unity3d] tagged questions [duplicate]

I submitted a question that was later downvoted without comment, and then when I clicked over to the list of other [unity3d] tagged questions a whole bunch of them from the list had also been ...
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Comments explaining downvote deleted

I commented on this answer in order to explain why I downvoted it. Now I see that the comments have been removed, and the answer remains unchanged. Why were they removed? Shouldn't I at least be ...
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Downvoting first posts should become a privilege [duplicate]

In my opinion, a big turn-off for newcomers is if their first question is downvoted. Sure, the question they asked may have been poorly formatted and easily answerable by a more experienced developer, ...
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Why are new learners not paid as much respect as those who know the full questions they need to ask within SO? [duplicate]

I've increasingly noticed a trend on Stack Overflow where people who genuinely do not know something, ask something without knowing the full details of their question and get their question closed for ...
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Should I delete downvoted questions? [closed]

People keep downvoting my question even when it has valuable answers. Should I delete the question? Can I report downvoters? There seems to be at least some decent users answering adding valuable ...
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How to reopen a question that was closed as being not a programming question even if code is not needed to make it a programming question

Older title: Wording of "time-series" is understood as trend analysis although just a mix of some monthly/weekly/yearly/timeless columns as input is meant A question of how to build an ML ...
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