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Are there special or reserved usernames? [duplicate]

In this answer's comments I noticed someone trying to ping the most recent downvoter with “@Downvoter”. Does this work? If so, are there other usernames that do different things similar to this (”@...
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Change downvotes with negative points to something else [duplicate]

We should promote positivity in the site. Thus usage of negative values for downvotes should be changed. My proposal: Avoid showing any number at all. Since it does not matter whether it is downvoted ...
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Is it ever appropriate to appeal your answer to be chosen over another when it is clearly a better answer (as in, objectively better)?

Some questions I see have accepted answers with other answers that are far more detailed and efficient. Would it be appropriate to appeal this in that case?
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Regarding the [down-votes] and [up-votes] tags - the line must *not* be drawn here!

tl;dr: I request that: down-votes is renamed to downvotes. down-votes is possibly added as a synonym for downvotes. up-votes is renamed to upvotes. up-votes is possibly added as a synonym for ...
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Make downvote button on meta disappear

Massive downvotes are demoralizing. Can we make the downvote button on meta disappear so that people don't get afraid to ask more questions about the site? As community is not in favour of making ...
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Are there any comment templates to put under bad questions? [duplicate]

I've noticed some kind of like a trend. If a question is bad, I almost always see a comment like Provide a minimal, reproducible example. or Please see How to ask, help center. Those comments ...
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What could I have done better so that my question was not closed and I would have got positive response?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can I check if a string contains only English characters, exclamation marks at the end? Based on my thoughts and the question below I want honest ...
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How do you react to unexplained downvoting of questions? [duplicate]

Historically, my presence on Stack Overflow hasn't exactly been very reputable. My questions has been downvoted enough for me to be unable to post even meta questions multiple times. Since I didn't ...
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Is the feedback provided by downvotes to the "question asker" just noise to the "asker"?

It is already decided by the community that Downvotes are, first and foremost, a content rating system. Rather than being a way of communicating with the poster, they are a way of communicating to ...
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How can I improve this question's reception?

Could someone hazard a guess as to why people are downvoting my question: How do I convert 'Single' to binary? I took care to explain the problem clearly and in detail, as well as describe ...
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my posts are being downvoted without any reason [duplicate]

Today, I'm facing strange thing. From morning, someone is down-voting my posts (even months earlier posts), without leaving any comment specifying any reason. at first i thought that, it my posts ...
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Why am I getting downvotes on my detailed & relevant question? [duplicate]

I posted a question yesterday and I have 2 votes to close, 0 upvotes. Nobody has bothered to tell me what's wrong, and as always, I feel extremely frustrated trying to get help on this website. Can ...
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what's unclear about [duplicate]

My question and answer were closed with "This question needs details or clarity" by 3 users, neither of which cared to give a reason or seem to be reachable for feedback. I'm at a loss. What's ...
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Upvoting a question which accepts your answer

I have been told on SO that you never upvote/downvote an individual. You upvote/downvote the content. We all have our own way of deciding what should we upvote/downvote. I know a high rep user who ...
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Stack Overflow judgement of question quality is too open

It takes three votes to close a question. This question is about to close but it is a perfectly valid question. Have I posted in the wrong place? Should the feature be tightened up so that it's more ...
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