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-6 on a question still low quality flag declined [duplicate]

Split an expression to float numbers I have a string like this "2/-4+5.7*5*-7.9+3" I want to split it in an array such that the elements are the absolute value of floating numbers only [2,4,5.7,5,...
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Low-quality questions [duplicate]

I flagged a question for, IMHO, being of "very low quality", and got the answer: declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it As a note, this were my first ever ...
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The "very low quality" flag is highly misleading [duplicate]

I think this flag should be removed or the wording changed significantly for it to stop being misused and misunderstood. Some reference questions I've read on the VLQ flag: Am I misusing the "...
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Very low quality flag declined [duplicate]

I found this post the other day. The intent is... unclear? Judging from the new user profile, the word "Notes" at the beginning, and the flawless grammar, it looks to me like they just copy/...
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Why is the "Very Low Quality" flag available for questions? [duplicate]

I recently got some Flags on Questions declined that I have personaly evaluated as very poor. The Flags got rejected with the following Justification: "Declined - Questions should NEVER be ...
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How should I have flagged this question? [duplicate]

I follow a few tags and try to clean-up questions tagged ADO when really they should be tagged as Azure-DevOps. In general, if the question is bad I will just flag instead of editing the tags. In the ...
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My "Very Low Quality" flag got denied on a 'question' that wasn't actually a question on SO [duplicate]

Link to the post I got a VLQ flag denied on a SO post that wasn't even a question, just someone stating that the Google API for c# is slow. I was wondering if anyone could explain why that flag was ...
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Why was my "very low quality" flag declined on an off-topic question? [duplicate]

I found this very low-quality post here. It's a very long Minecraft error. The user points to "code" that looks like a stack trace. I thought this was obviously off-topic for Stack Overflow, ...
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I flagged a question as "very low quality", the flag review was "declined", but the question was closed due to lack of clarity [duplicate]

I recently reviewed this post, and I noticed my flag was " declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it." I went to the link for the post, found above, and ...
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Why was this not very low quality? [duplicate]

Sorry, another 'did I do it wrong?' question - I flagged this question as very low quality, because it clearly has "severe content problems" and I presume the fact that it's now closed ...
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Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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Merge the "Not An Answer" and "Very Low Quality" flags into one

Note, there is a similar request on MSE which is 2 years old. Note also that the observations made here can be put in perspective of the comment flag change which is going to encapsulate lots of ...
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Adopt a consistent policy on what "Requires Editing" means in the review queues

In the review queues (and the triage queue in particular), there are three options for a post. One of those options is labeled "Requires Editing". In the description of what those options ...
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Am I misusing the "Very Low Quality" flag?

I'm a little confused about what the "Very Low Quality" flag is supposed to be used for. I've read these answers about the VLQ flag: Is the Very Low Quality flag too ambiguous? Why were these “Very ...
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Is there a recent change of the way on how we flag non-English content with low quality?

One of my recent low-quality flags on non-English content is declined. The reason given is: Use Needs Improvement > Needs Details or Clarity flags instead for non-English questions. https://meta....
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