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Why was my abusive flag on a post containing only gibberish declined?

Today, I flagged this answer (now deleted) as rude/abusive: However, my flag was declined: and I'm curious as to the reasons why, because common consensus agrees with me: What makes something rude ...
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(Yet another) why was my VLQ flag (very low quality) on a question declined

Don't use this flag very often, but I thought that was just basically ...
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When should I flag an answer?

I'm really trying hard not to target or call anyone out so I will refrain from posting any names unless it is deemed helpful. That said, I came across an answer today that had been directly copied and ...
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Add a Low Quality Posts button to delete answer because it doesn't answer the question

I think there should be an option when you select "Recommend Deletion" for "Does not answer the question being asked". I'm seeing quite a large number of answers that really do not actually answer ...
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In what universe is this an answer?

Link to answer and link to question The content of the answer reads “my_tests,SNR=533033200650344358002D00,TNR=test HelloWorld=123 1495179651177999872 \n SNR=533033200650344358002D00,TNR=test ...
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Review queue Help Center draft: Help & improvement queue

This post is part of a larger effort to create Help Center pages for each of the Review queues. You can learn more about this project in the overview post. These posts will be locked so that everyone ...
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What would have been the correct flag for this low-quality code dump?

I flagged this question as "very low quality" because the question had no effort, just posting the error message. But this flag was declined. I don't know what other flag I should have used. ...
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Do moderators face any consequences when wrongfully marking flag as unhelpful? [closed]

I've recently been banned from flagging posts because some of the submitted flags in the last 7 days have been declined. However, reviewing them as suggested by SO, I noticed that of the seven ...
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Evaluating recently declined flags

I had two flags rejected yesterday. I think I understand the lessons to take away from these, but I want to be certain. Very Low Quality The first post appears as though it was meant as a comment ...
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Merge downvote and flag button together [duplicate]

I have an idea: merging down-votes and flags together. It is basically what it sounds like. A downvote is a flag. The amount of downvotes your post has is the amount of flags it has. Just like flags, ...
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Allow >3k users to flag for closure if they are out of close votes

Related: Can >3k users flag for closure if they are out of close votes? If a user with 3k or more of rep is out of close votes for the day, but still has flags, they should have the option to flag ...
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Please remove Very low quality type flag on questions [duplicate]

I have found question today, which was a total gibberish. In my opinion it was not even worth casting 3 close votes, because it is just a waste of 3 people's votes and time. I cast a VLQ flag on it. ...
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Is there any consistency in how answers are supposed be reviewed?

Is there any consistency in what is expected when reviewing answers? What exactly is the task when reviewing answers? I got this as a test, and I should have rejected it because it is a duplicate of ...
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What is the current workflow for the Very Low Quality flag on questions?

In this answer, Cody Gray mentions that the Very Low Quality (VLQ) flag for questions is used to "enqueue posts in Triage", but also mentions that they are handled differently by different mods. What ...
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Multiple flags on questions with screenshot declined

I found some questions where the code in in screenshot and flag them as very low quality. Flags on this and this question are declined. Why? Are questions actually need to only include one screenshot ...
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