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The triage queue is marked in red, for me, for hours, but when I open it it's empty [closed]

Since the morning I was checking the review queues but they were empty so I carried on my other work. But while browsing a SO question I've noticed the below change. So, I clicked on Triage and after ...
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Top-bar review drop down can be much quicker

On the new top-bar, the review icon's drop-down list is a nice touch, but it takes too long to load - to me it can take over 2 seconds: Compare to the inbox, at 162ms: I'm guessing it is slow mainly ...
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Stop showing the Red Dot when there's nothing to review, and/or make the red-dot optional, delay partial dot delivery

The gist of this question: The dot will erroneously shown when there's nothing to review. ( Finished review tasks, or been banned. ) I suggest to fix / improve it. I suggest to make it optional ...
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Review's red dot in topbar is shown, but the queue that is in danger is grayed out for me

Today my topbar showed a red dot, showing that there is a queue "in danger". I opened the queue, and I saw that the suggested edits was >100. Which IMHO is the likely culprit. All other queues that ...
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Review Queue icon on Stack Overflow Meta [duplicate]

I logged in this morning to the hat icon being added. But I also have this notification: However, I didn't think I had access to review queues on Meta which is true: But why the notification? ...
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Top bar “review needed red dot” showing, but there is nothing to review [duplicate]

I answered a couple of review questions wrong yesterday. So I am assuming that I have been banned for review for a few days. The red dot keeps been popping up asking me to review but there is nothing ...
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Reviews red dot with nothing to do [duplicate]

After I finished to do all my reviews, triage and late answers in Stack Overflow, I get the red dot symbol each 4-5 minutes, and when I click on it, I get the notification I got nothing to review. ...
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The review icon shows red when there is nothing to review. Is it by-design? [duplicate]

I am sure I am not banned (Or Am I?) from reviewing queues. I have been observing this since many days that a red dot appears only when all review queues are cleared. And when there actually is ...
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Red dot in the review icon even though I cannot review [duplicate]

I like reviewing a lot, but sometimes I make mistakes. I am banned from reviewing until some time (end of April now). So no queues are showing for me. I literally cannot review at the moment, so it is ...
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What is the red circle on review queue for? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I'd see the red circle and when I click it there'd be nothing to review as in the image below: But sometimes, there'd be no red circle but when I click the tab, there'd be posts to review ...
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Don't show red circle on review icon if we can't access that queue [duplicate]

Even after doing my daily 20 reviews in multiple queues, I'm still frequently seeing the red dot on the review icon. I'm not even sure the dot is because of queues I have access to (due to reputation ...
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