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There is no shame in using "Skip"

Is there a way to encourage reviewers - especially new ones - to use "Skip" button when they are hesitant and not 100% sure what to do? For example, this edit was approved, although it is 100% ...
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Add an obvious "Flag" button to the Late Answers and First Posts review queues

In celebration of my recent electoral victory, I've been handing out party favors in the form of review bans to users who've dealt improperly with posts confronted in review queues. I've only done ...
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Why did I fail this audit? (yet another title) [duplicate] I don't understand. The answer maybe incorrect and I didn't check it. Because when I recently flagged one incorrect answer as "very low quality" ...
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Looking for stats on how frequency of skip actions correlates with audits failures rate and amount of reviews done by user

Related: Is this request for statistics of skipping in reviews hard to accomplish or does it somehow lack visibility? This is sort of a follow-up request based on stats of how many reviewers ...
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When I look at the review icon, I see red

I like the new notification version of the review icon, which I'm guessing is still undergoing A/B testing: It does a better job at saying "attention here, please" than the old icon which was almost ...
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Can we have some care when reviewing wikis edits? How can we improve our wiki edits?

There's been a fair bit of attention to tag wiki plagiarism Let's stop tag wiki plagiarism Stopping tag wiki plagiarism, Part II: Taking Action This post is about improving the quality of our ...
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How is it possible that this edit was approved?

I'm talking about this edit. It clearly changes the code in the answer to something that no longer solves the problem. The previous code was what OP wanted, the edit changed it to something that no ...
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Encouraging attentive suggested edit reviewers to skip every uncontroversial review

Some time ago, I asked Qantas 94 Heavy how he got such a high reject:accept ratio, and the answer was simple but blew my mind: skipping anything that would likely be accepted just fine anyway by the ...
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Generate new types of audits for the Suggested Edits queue

The Suggested Edits queue still suffers from people who are too happy to approve things. The current batch of sloppy reviewers have learnt to Reject the current audits in the SE queue, but often don't ...
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BAD "suggested edit" approved by reviewers

Most of the time it happens that users who are reviewing suggested edits are just scanning the text and if it looks good, the edit is accepted. This works in majority of cases, but sometimes, some ...
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How can we stop crazy edits like this from being accepted?

How was this edit ever accepted? Am I going crazy? (Don't answer that) In what world was this an appropriate edit? I know it includes code from the codepen that the OP posted, but what the OP did was ...
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Are we supposed to flag bad reviews?

Today I saw a suggested edit which seemed to me to be clearly bad (which I don't want to link, to avoid any sort of public shaming). The only change was removing a period in the title, and the edit ...
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Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2

What follows is a two-phase (pre-access & post-access) "battle" plan to defend SO from future "robo-reviewers", Phase one (pre-access) Only allow users to access the suggested edits queue if, &...