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In review mode we have no alert when we try to edit a pending review question [duplicate]

I read a question from review page, I would like to edit it to format the code but the button doesn't works, with no message. I go to the question page, click on edit and I had this error message: So ...
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Users are not told why they cannot suggest edits from the review interface when they have too many pending edits [duplicate]

While reviewing First Posts, I came across an answer that was good, but needed some help with the formatting. When I hit edit through the review interface, I received no feedback- no popup, the edit ...
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No feedback with edit limit when reviewing [duplicate]

I've been editing some posts on SO and I have recently discovered that there is a limit of pending edits (5 in my case, I don't know if it's variable). Then I started to review some posts and I ...
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No error pop-up(s) on edit button click on review page(s) [duplicate]

When I am reviewing First Posts on StackOverflow, and I have to many pending edits (or any other errors), the pop-up that should tell me that, doesn't show up like it does when click on 'edit' on the ...
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No notice when clicking "edit" for a post that already has a pending edit when in a review queue [duplicate]

I was reviewing the First Posts queue on, and one post I came across was not only poorly formatted, but was also in my opinion a poor question (My code isn't working, here's my ...
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No warning in first posts review queue when trying to edit question with not approved edits [duplicate]

See (review regarding this question) for some example of a post in the review queue which has some not approved edits. Therefore if I try to edit ...
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"Another edit awaiting approval" message not visible in review queue [duplicate]

I was reviewing the First Posts queue and I thought to make a minor edit to this question. Clicking the Edit button while in the review queue did nothing, so eventually I visited the post directly. ...
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Ability to make suggested tag edits seems to be disabled [closed]

Background The creator of this meta question recently made suggested edits to some tags on Stackoverflow. The suggested edits consisted of creating links to the new SO Documentation feature where ...
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Another user's edit is pending alert is not showing in Review | First Post and Review | Late Answer page [duplicate]

In Review | First Post and Review | Late Answer pages, if I feel to edit the question or answer to improve its quality, and I click the edit, I am not getting the below alert: And nothing is ...
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Clicking on "edit" from the review queue doesn't warn about pending edit [duplicate]

Two weeks ago, I've noticed that clicking on "edit" from the review queue page when another edit is waiting for approval doesn't allow editing but doesn't warn the user about the pending edit. ...
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Bug when trying to edit a post in a review queue [duplicate]

There appears to be a bug in the review first post queue: A post needs editing. I click on edit No error message appear, but the windows scrolls to the top Looking at the source code, the edit link ...
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Bug when reaching pending edit limit while doing review tasks [duplicate]

First of all, this is NOT a duplicate of Editing a post with a pending edit after already reviewing 20 edits. Sometimes, I contribute to the community proposing some edits, and then I keep on ...
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