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I built a tool as an answer to a common problem on SO and was banned for promoting myself

It's been a few months since this happened, but I saw it took some of my motivation for answering questions away and I don't want that to happen. I saw that people need an equivalent of ...
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Am I misusing the "Very Low Quality" flag?

I'm a little confused about what the "Very Low Quality" flag is supposed to be used for. I've read these answers about the VLQ flag: Is the Very Low Quality flag too ambiguous? Why were these “Very ...
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Is there any reason to keep the "very low quality" flag? If not, can we remove it immediately? If so, can we rename it to something correct?

Excuse the ternary operator in the title. The flag needs to go or be named better, much like many actual variables in code. The flag is an endless source of confusion. Very Low Quality flag declined ...
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Recommending off-site resources when questions don't ask for it

Every now and again, I see text similar to this in a question (in an otherwise valid question): ... or if anyone can recommend a library to do this, I'd appreciate it. Since we have this close ...
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Do we allow answers which say "Check the Play Store" (or equivalent for non-Android)?

I was viewing an old question which contains exact steps to complete a common task on Android. This answer, which is highly up-voted, effectively answers this programming-related question with "Just ...
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Deletion of a valid answer by a mod

This answer was deleted by moderators, I believe by mistake. While it's short, it absolutely perfectly answers the question. The question currently has no other answers. Related to this: I think ...
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What qualifies as Very Low Quality, if not this?

Okay, so I flagged this question (which has since been removed) as being "Very Low Quality". To me, it seems to be a textbook definition of the criteria for VLQ (it is so poorly written, I ...
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I need some help understanding these disputed NAA flags

I noticed some of my recent NAA flags were disputed and I have a hard time understanding why. I understand that the community (or a moderator?) decides the result of a flag and I respect that. However ...
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Difference between very low quality and unclear flag

I wish to know what is the difference between very low quality and unclear flag. I flagged 2 questions, question 1 and question 2 as very low-quality. Now, both my flags have been declined but ...
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Are answers with only links to libraries okay? [duplicate]

Preface This question is here to serve one of two purposes, and the community will decide which one it is: Correct how I am reviewing answers in the Low Quality Post review queue if my current ...
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Is this a link only answer?

I saw this answer You mean something like IPhone checkboxes? and claimed in a custom flag that it was link only. There is no ...
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Are users unaware that posting a link to a tool is not an answer?

This answer, for example, along with a few other answers on the same question, are code-lacking, link-only answers to a tool/library/off-site resource. Even the question, which starts with Is there ...
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