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November 2015 Stack Overflow Community Moderator Election RESULTS

Stack Overflow's November 2015 moderator election has come to a close, the robots have transferred many single votes to tally up the results, and the 3 new moderators are: They'll be joining the ...
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2020 Community Moderator Election Results

Stack Overflow’s twelfth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the two new moderators are: They’ll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for ...
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Why I Resigned as a Moderator

Prologue Earlier today, I resigned as a moderator on both Stack Overflow and Ebooks. I feel I owe this community some attempt at an explanation. Please understand that I cannot offer a full ...
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Should moderators run automated bots under their accounts?

The most recent Stack Overflow election brought up some great new moderators, including Andy, who has for the past ~3 years been running a comment flag bot to automatically flag comments for removal. ...
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2021 Community Moderator Election Results

Moderator election #13 on Stack Overflow has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the new moderators are:            They will be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for ...
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Is there a place where I can see information (chatrooms, Q&A, and results) for previous elections?

The text for all of the Stack Overflow elections appear to change retrospectively so that when one changes, e.g. to update the link to the "The candidates answer your questions" or the Election Chat ...
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Should I flag a comment for editing if it is a mix of chattiness and helpfulness?

I didn't know comments could be edited until I saw this today. What if a comment contains a mix of useful and useless content? Should I flag it to be edited? Here is a contrived example (but not so ...
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Is it OK to ask for edits on my own posts to fix English? [duplicate]

English is not my first language. I think that's pretty obvious for anybody reading one of my posts here. I am trying to improve my English, but it is a slow process. The problem is, even given a lot ...
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Is the election unfair, or am I wrong?

Due to Arrow's impossibility theorem, the Stack Overflow moderator election should be unfair since voters need to order three different candidates by ranking. Is this a flaw in the election, or am I ...
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Should we close old moderator election threads?

Right now, we have a lot of old announcements related to long-past moderator elections. Some of them have been closed as "can no longer be reproduced" (e.g. Autumn 2015 Community Moderator Election, ...
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How do I insert a user badge in a post? [duplicate]

I've just read the 2017 Community Moderator Election RESULTS. There you can see the badges of two users inserted in the question. Unfortunately I cannot go to the "edit" section to be able to see the ...
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