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How to vote to close questions and be welcoming at the same time [duplicate]

I have some dupehammer privileges. And I stand up and cheer when I read Jay Hanlon's post about making Stack Overflow more welcoming. With the possible exception of Jon Skeet, we were all n00bz once. ...
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Make Stack Overflow more friendly: remove the stigma of duplicates?

One of the best friendly-fication features on Stack Overflow was this change to duplicate handling, that allows users to take some ownership of the process: New UI encourages askers to confirm or ...
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Reputable people keep answering duplicates - What's the solution?

It's apparent that reputable members (ranging between 10k - 600k reputation) are answering duplicates. It's understandable if the question being answered isn't a blatant duplicate, but that's not the ...
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Wording of guidance for OP on a duplicate question

On a closed duplicate, the OP currently sees the following at the top of the question: In my opinion, the box is poorly worded and doesn't provide the correct information on what the OP should do ...
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Show anonymized but complete voting information to moderators

Despite trying to "be nice", commenting instead of downvoting and explaining when I hammer-close a question with a duplicate, (and not commenting when downvoting/deleting most of the time & in ...
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Should we close a duplicate question as off-topic?

I am referring to this question which is a clear duplicate of this and this several year old questions. Why: If the above mentioned questioned is marked as an off-topic it ...
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Do we give insufficient feedback to users of closed questions?

This is about this question of mine: How to implement common bash idioms in Python?. It is probably a bit of a rant but I wanted to post it anyway in the hope that it might cause discussion. My main ...
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Gold badge users have too much power to close questions [duplicate]

In this question: gold badge user closed it very quickly for a wrong reason. It ...
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Add the possibility to post an explanation when closing as dup

I was thinking that it should be possible to add a short explanation when closing as a duplicate. Look at this question about strange result from long long n = pow(10,18) + 1 in C. The core reason for ...
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Merged Q/A pages instead of "duplicate question" links

I've changed this from a feature-request to a discussion, since my ideas weren't (and probably still aren't) well formed enough to constitute a solid proposal. Thanks for pointing me in that direction,...
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