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Disable review icon in top bar during ban [duplicate]

I entered a review ban period this morning. I noticed that a long-time annoyance of mine has been fixed -- if I click the review icon in the top bar, it says There are no review queues available to ...
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Top bar “review needed red dot” showing, but there is nothing to review [duplicate]

I answered a couple of review questions wrong yesterday. So I am assuming that I have been banned for review for a few days. The red dot keeps been popping up asking me to review but there is nothing ...
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Introduce a review ban timer instead of vague default message [duplicate]

I recently landed myself in review jail for reasons and I noticed that this ban lasted longer than the last time that I was banned. After some investigation I found out that each ban is longer than ...
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Is there a way to know if I am in review ban and when it will end? [duplicate]

In top bar, Review Queues icon is orange initially. But when I click it, it does not load queue list. This might be due to I am banned for review. But I do not remember the message prompted by Stack ...
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There are no review queues available to me but showing red dot [duplicate]

I have noticed something strange today. There is a notification dot (red) appeared with my review queues icon. But showing nothing when I clicked on it. The notification icon did not fade away even ...
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What criteria are used to allow someone to respond to items in the review queues? [duplicate]

What criteria are used to control review queue availability? I was happily reviewing queues until about a week ago. Now I get a little red blob on the queues icon but when I click on it I get told ...
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Display the timeout of review queues in its proper window [duplicate]

So I was reviewing some posts in the Triage queue and apparently one of my decisions were wrong. Anyhow before I found out about it, I was wondering why the review queue was empty. Then after I hit ...
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Review button highlights even if the user is banned [duplicate]

I recently got punished for making two wrong reviews on Stack Overflow for Triage queue, and I was asked to come back in 2 days to start review again. But, in an hour, or so, the queue list button ...
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Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!

Prologue Since late 2019, I have been investigating why posts are ending up in the Help & Improvement (H&I) review queue when it should have been closed in Triage. Unfortunately, due to the ...
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Please change the review icon back to a text link

It's become pretty clear by now that, whatever the other merits of the top-bar redesign, it has been a disaster for review: As a result, Triage isn't able to handle VLQ flags on questions, Low ...
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Am I in a review ban? Or are the reviews down?

Unlike a lot of users I actually like reviewing and do it quite often. I would consider myself to be a good reviewer as I have never failed a review audit. My comments left for the posters have nearly ...
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Are superfluous comments in an answer (such as "good luck") discouraged? [duplicate]

One of my accepted answers was edited by a much more experienced SO member to remove a comment I made at the end of my answer to the poster of the original question: "Good luck and happy coding.&...
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Why do I see "There are no review queues" message? Am I review-banned? [duplicate]

I am currently seeing the "there are no review queues for you" message. I know this shows when you fumble audits, but I haven't even been reviewing recently. Am I banned? I never received any message ...
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It looks like I have been suspended for one review, could someone explain how this happened? [duplicate]

It looks like I have been suspended for one review, could someone explain how this happened? A link to the review that caused your suspension: An ...
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Do I get a notification for a review ban?

I got my first (automatic) 2-day review ban today for failing an audit with an actually bad review, since I said a spam answer was looking OK. I agree the ban was deserved and the review did not ...
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