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Review queue updates

We are actively working on top bar improvements, many of which are a part of bringing the new top bar to the Stack Exchange network sites. Several of the changes are relevant to SO. As such, you ...
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A brief history of the review queue indicator and the efficacy of recent changes

Lately, we've been making adjustments to how the review queue indicator works. Sometimes when we work on some esoteric feature for a long time, we start to lose track of the ultimate goal. In this ...
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Aftermath of discussing politics on SO

I won't argue on whether we should or should not discuss politics on SO, but I'm wondering what the effects of Time to take a stand were. I'm looking for any metrics that indicate the community ...
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Looking for stats on how frequency of skip actions correlates with audits failures rate and amount of reviews done by user

Related: Is this request for statistics of skipping in reviews hard to accomplish or does it somehow lack visibility? This is sort of a follow-up request based on stats of how many reviewers ...
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Why are some flags reviewed very fast? [duplicate]

Recently I've noticed that some of my flags: get marked as helpful almost instantly. Does the system itself mark some flags as helpful? Or why is this happening? and some are waiting very long and ...
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Edit needed on Access Review Queues - username no longer shown at the top of every page

The Access Review Queues page states: The first queues you gain access to are Late Answers and First Posts. These and all other review queues are accessible from the "review" link that ...
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Please let those who care, help fix Stack Overflow [closed]

When I first started using Stack Overflow in 2009 it was a wonderful place. High-quality questions, many of them answered in great depth by people well-known and regarded in their fields (for example, ...
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'Ask Question' button to header [duplicate]

Is it possible to move the 'Ask Question' button into the header? Sometimes when I'm looking for an answer to my problem and cannot find the solution, I then want to ask my own question. I'm usually ...
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Provide notification when there are items in review queue

I am relatively new to SO (<10 months and about 500 reputation points) so it is no surprise that I am still in the getting-used-to-the-site stage. I am fascinated with the idea that everyone here ...
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Questions without the featured tag appear featured on the CB even when it has been removed [duplicate]

The "Take the Developer Survey 2017" question no longer has the featured, but it still appears in the Community Bulletin, under the "Featured on Meta" section:
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Top bar review count badge [duplicate]

The new top bar review count badge is really calling my attention to do something. however it seems like the value doesn't really correlate with the total number of items on the review queue page.
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