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Was there a Documentation post-mortem?

In the post on Sunsetting Documentation, it was stated: We also plan to write a retrospective on the blog and make this a topic of an upcoming Town Hall Chat. I’m planning a few posts for my ...
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What about having Documentation on Github? [closed]

Backstory I've saved some Stack Overflow Documentation links as reference for a CSS training that I have, and, knowing that those links would be broken in near future (and, having that it's just ...
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Retiring New Navigation (beta) in preparation for Navigation 3.0

Summary: New Navigation has been removed so we can build similar functionality (plus other improvements) for everyone. I summarized the feedback below to incorporate into the replacement design. (If I ...
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What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions?

Update: Our v1 experiment is done. We used a template loosely based on enderland's answer for this experiment. See this post for an overview of the results. Based on your feedback the DAG team is ...
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Sunsetting Documentation

We will stop accepting contributions to Documentation on August 8 2017 On behalf of everyone who worked on Documentation, I want to thank all 15,451 users who contributed. We particularly want to ...
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Is it legal/accepted to copy content for documentation? [closed]

How do I know if it is legal to copy content from a website to a documentation section or an answer? I am not a lawyer nor a native English speaker. As an concrete example: Is it OK to copy the ...
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Topic requests do not appear in dashboard [closed]

Topic requests are no longer appearing in the dashboard This is the dashboard summary section This is the requested topics tab in the dashboard Yet in the topic listing it shows there are requests ...
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What's going on with Documentation this month? [closed]

My colleague, JNat, has been posting regular updates about feature requests that we are working on. That's been working out pretty well and we've undertaken a major new direction in Documentation, so ...
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Documentation versions are too restrictive [closed]

Editing a PHP example, I tried to add a block of version specific code – PHP 5.6.6 in this case. I assumed that the numbers were treated simply as text, but this is not the case. You can only use ...
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Tags for documentation [closed]

Why are there no tags for documented articles. If I search for Linq I get 3 results: linq , linq-to-sql and linq-to-xml (proposed). But under C# somewhere I found this article: Linq to Objects. Why ...
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Documentation Reorganization Issues [closed]

I'm finding reorganizing of documentation to be incredibly difficult with the way changes are reviewed. My specific case involves Laravel Eloquent Relationships. Currently all available examples are ...
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What T-SQL documentation has helped you? [closed]

The Documentation beta has ended. We'd like to thank you all for the input on this meta question. It'll be useful to have the question and it's answers around, should we attempt another Documentation-...
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Who is the target audience for documentation? [closed]

I am a semi-frequent contributor to the C++ Language documentation section. I am currently dissatisfied with the "Hello World" example. As of the time of writing, it is over 600 words and contains ...
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Is Documentation Google searchable now? [closed]

Today for the first time a Stack Overflow Documentation page showed up in my Google search results. I searched for android custom view and was directed by Google to Android: Creating Custom Views. The ...
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What if documentation took its content from Stack Overflow Q&A? [closed]

When I need to look up a concept, I don't go to the official documentation or to Stack Overflow Documentation. I go to a Stack Overflow Q&A. This is a radical change, but I'll toss it out there. ...
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