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Tag pages and review pages not loading properly

Is it just me or are the individual tag pages and review pages taking a long time to load, and then failing to load altogether? These don't work: javascript c# And this doesn't work: https://...
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Why was the required number of reviews to approve/reject a suggested edit changed from 3 to 2?

I noticed that on Stack Overflow, there are some very old suggested edits that took 3 reviews to approve/reject (example). However, all the more recent reviews I've seen only took 2 reviews to ...
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Reviewing while edit queue full?

With the new changes to the suggested edit queue, I have been running into a small conundrum while going through the First Post and Late Answer queues. I have now on multiple occasions come across ...
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Something wrong with the review path [duplicate]

Today when I go to the review page, I get: You reviewed incorrectly. Please pay more attention to each review in future Come back in 19 ...
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Incorrect information on Help Center 'Edit Questions and Answers' page

The 'Edit Questions and Answers' page has not been updated to reflect the fact that suggested edits on Stack Overflow now only require two votes instead of three (at least per this Meta post). It ...
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Reopen of "on-hold" questions on editing can be improved

If I understand the existing SO logic correctly, currently the first edit to the question throws it into reopen queue. And then we get reopen reviews like this:
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Disallow Edits from Unregistered Users

While suggested edits can be useful, I feel that we should limit these to registered users. This will prevent unregistered users from trolling these edits. Here are a couple examples of these ...
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We are down to two, so the help center should say the same

Two (three on Stack Overflow) accept or reject votes are required to remove the suggested edit from the queue and either apply the edit to the post or discard it. Users with more than 2,000 reputation ...
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Rework review queues icon to fuzzy indicate low, medium, high demand - battery indicator style

I am preparing a suggestion to rework the review queues icon to indicate various levels of pending reviews, "battery indicator style". The state of such an icon can be refreshed at a rate ...
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