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How do I make a good edit?

I would like to edit posts on Stack Overflow. How do I make a good edit that will improve the quality of the post? Return to FAQ index
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When should I make edits to code?

The about page says: Improve posts by editing or commenting Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use ...
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How to reject an edit that adds code from a 3rd party site? [duplicate]

I came across a post where a user wanted to add code from a 3rd party site for the OP via an edit. Based on the comments, the issue is already resolved, but I then looked around a bit on how to handle ...
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Were there options other than deleting this answer?

This answer, with 251 votes and a ton of useful discussion, was deleted because it contained a table lifted from someone's blog without attribution. That was naughty, but the content and discussion ...
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Flagging comments that are just links to DB Fiddle as no longer needed and community answers

Over recent weeks, I've encountered a user that has recently been just posting links to DB Fiddle in the comments, often without context. From a user perspective the comments are just:… ...
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Question closed after submitting an edit

I edited a question a little while ago, the approval of which is still pending. However, the question got closed around 15 mins ago on the grounds of details needed. My edit essentially fixes this ...
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Two suggested edits rejected because they don’t improve post quality—but they do

I suggested two edits: Plugin Bungeecord for chat prefix Can I make the inventory to be updated when clicking the item in another GUI, individually? Both suggestions were declined. That was a fear ...
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Pasting Fiddle snippet into original question as an edit

When I was reviewing "Suggested Edits", I came across an edit where someone had pasted the code from the Fiddle OP had added into the original question. I skipped it because I was unsure what to do. ...
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Should editors edit questions to add code from provided links? [duplicate]

My gut stance is that an editor should not edit a question to include the source that is referenced by a link in the question, as that changes the question. I typically want to encourage posters to ...
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Mention online compilers on the Minimal, Reproducible Example page?

(Note: This is mainly motivated by what I observe in the C++ tag - other tags may have different experiences - please share!) Many times a day we link people to the Minimal, Reproducible Example site....
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Why was this moderator intervention flag declined on a link only accepted answer?

I flagged this answer, which is nothing more than a link to jsfiddle, for moderator intervention. It was also the accepted answer. The flag was declined with the explanation: "flags should only be ...
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Restricting ''

I noticed that isn't CC-BY-SA (as opposed to, so we can't re-insert content back into a post. So please restrict usage of the same ...
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When to edit code/links into snippet? [duplicate]

Being that I'm relatively new in my education on front-end development, I've come across a lot of older, basic questions that I use to help myself along. Oftentimes, if there is plain code there, I ...
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Triage guidance for Requires Editing: "Pull code in from hosting site linked in question", how it is handled in H&I?

Triage guidance suggests this as a reason to pick Requires Editing: Pull code in from hosting site linked in question... Above guidance is easily available for Triage reviewers because it is ...
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How to handle edit limitations when adding code to a question?

My problem started with this question and my revision of it. When I added the code from a link that the OP provided I couldn't submit the edit because it only contained code. Thing is - that was the ...

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