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How can we deal with hugely upvoted, bad and outdated answers?

I was prompted to ask this after reading this answer (scored +749/-3) Note: The answer has been edited and is now correct. Previous version The answer wasn't bad when it was added, but the ...
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When should I make edits to code?

The about page says: Improve posts by editing or commenting Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use ...
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Are edits from Python 2's print to Python 3's print acceptable?

While reviewing this suggested edit, I was unsure on whether to accept or reject. The original answer's code works for Python 2, however the edit changes the print call to work for Python 3. The ...
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Should we add the [python] tag to all [python-*] questions?

These tags all relate to python: python-2.1 python-2.2 python-2.3 python-2.4 python-2.5 python-2.6 python-2.7 python-2.x python-3.1 python-3.2 python-3.3 python-3.4 python-3.5 python-3.6 ...
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Introduce an "Obsolete Answer" vote

Background There is a meta discussion going on, on How to deal with hugely upvoted, bad answers?. And as an answer, I wrote: You can downvote, comment, and provide a better answer, of course. But.....
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Good question, old version-dependent answer

How should we handle highly rated but out-dated answers to still-relevant questions? Example: How to delete a module in Android Studio (It's a good 1 year old question with 17,878 views) Android ...
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Are edits that make Python 2 code also compatible with Python 3 discouraged? [duplicate]

Are (or should) edits that make Python 2 code compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3 discouraged? Note that this is different to rewriting answers to shift the focus to Python 3 (see this question)...
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Changing the emphasis of python answers from python 2 to python 3

Frequently, I come across an excellent answer here, here or here, for example where the answer is written with python 2 in mind, and python 3 edited in as an afterthought. I don't think the python 2 ...
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Add documentation-style language version tags to code blocks [duplicate]

In documentation you can nicely format required versions at the top of blocks of code, e.g. <!-- if version <Python 2.x> [gte 2.7] --> # Some code goes here <!-- end version if --> ...
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Are edits that insert Swift 3 code into existing Swift 2 answers acceptable?

We have received complaints about some recent edits that inserted Swift 3 code into Swift 2 answers. One such example is here. Moderators have rolled back these edits, only to have them reinstated. ...
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Suggested Edits that Add Swift 3 Code [duplicate]

When reviewing suggested edits, I frequently come across edits that only add Swift 3 code to answers that contain Swift 2 (example). Per this discussion, it seems the best way to update questions with ...