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Moderation edit queue warning can cause inefficiency

Currently, when reviewing a post which requires a complex / significant edit, a great deal of time might be spent by the reviewer implementing the necessary edits to the post. If the edit queue is ...
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Why can we edit posts if the edit queue is full? [duplicate]

I have been getting this annoying error when I am going through my review queue. I see that some posts need editing in formatting, spelling, grammar, etc., and I make my changes. Depending on the ...
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When I review posts, and want to make an edit, but the edit queue is full [duplicate]

When I review posts, and want to make an edit, but the edit queue is full, should I just skip it?
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Suggested Edits are taking longer and longer to tackle

I constantly see the Suggested Edits queue being at roughly 195/200. Best we may do is handling 20 votes a day/reviewer. But I got the feeling that the queue is actually cluttered with some suggested ...
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Make Suggested Edits queue filterable for posts vs tag wikis

As a reviewer for the Suggested Edits queue, I am confronted with two very distinct types of review: The suggested edits on Posts: Posts account for the most visible data of Stack Overflow (the core ...
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Suggested edit queue is full

Link to edit post below every post on Stack Overflow is disabled for me with a tooltip saying "Suggested edit queue is full". Currently there are only 135 edits in queue: I'm not sure if ...
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The link for review queue is broken

I was trying out the new top bar and noticed that, the link for review queue is pointing at right now which should be ...
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Why is the suggested edits queue empty when I have suggested edits pending?

I have two suggested edits waiting for review. Here is a screenshot of one of them: However, on the review page, it says that the suggested edits review queue is empty: I know that this isn't true ...
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Raising rep by flooding the suggested edit queue [duplicate]

I don't usually wade into the suggested edits queue, but I did so when the orange icon hit 117 today. I noticed a very large number (7 of my 20 reviews) came from a single user who was suggesting ...
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1, 2, 3...test. Let’s increase the number of reviews & close votes for science!

For many, many years users have asked and asked and asked for changes to the number of close votes and the number of reviews per day. There's been a little bit of skepticism as to the efficacy of such ...
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larger than usual review queues?

I have been reviewing questions here for the last 6-8 months fairly consistently, and it used to be that the queues I have access to were always pretty small. Usually, I would see 0-5 items in each ...
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