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Should answers that are "completely off base" (i.e. the writer simply misread the question) just be deleted? How should we moderate them? [duplicate]

Some questions are inherently very confusing and difficult. Here for example is an answer where the answerer missed the point (thinking it was something to do with how to enter a color as floats, ...
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What should I do if an answer does not match the question? [duplicate]

I'm asking this question in response to this answer. The question asks for help with HTML/CSS/JS, but the answer uses React. Furthermore, this was a late answer, so one could not reasonably think that ...
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Why was this VLQ flag on an off-topic answer rejected? [duplicate]

Yesterday I flagged this answer (now deleted by the author) as very low quality. My reasons were stated in a comment: The answer is off-topic since it's given in a different programming language. C ...
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The Low quality answers queue, I use "Looks good" for attempts that are incorrect? [duplicate]

It would help me to know what I should have chosen (Looks Ok or Recommend Deletion) assuming I chose to not skip nor edit these two posts: This is first example I’d choose looks ok, but chose skip. It ...
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Restrict up vote rights

I'm feeling like I'm going to draw lots of fire with this question, but this is bugging me for long time now, so I feel like I need get it out. So the main question/request here: I think we should ...
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You're doing it wrong: A plea for sanity in the Low Quality Posts queue

If you're reviewing low quality posts, I'd like you to read this. All of it. Not skim it, not just vote up/down with everyone else. In exchange, I'll keep it short. Or if you are too busy, here you go:...
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Merge the "Not An Answer" and "Very Low Quality" flags into one

Note, there is a similar request on MSE which is 2 years old. Note also that the observations made here can be put in perspective of the comment flag change which is going to encapsulate lots of ...
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Should I be (more) careful when upvoting questions?

I usually always upvote questions that show research on the OP's part, are well structured, contain only the relevant parts of the code for a certain problem, among other qualities. However, I don't ...
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Are answers that completely ignore the explicit constraints of the question Very Low Quality?

This question is a follow-up to: Are blatantly wrong answers very low quality? Also: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer? Also: Are answers which misunderstood the ...
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"Extremely low quality" guidance

The guidance on When should I vote to delete an answer? says The answer is extremely low quality: There is little to no scope for improvement The answer doesn't attempt to answer the question; it may ...
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User keeps posting blatantly off-topic answers - what to do?

While looking through NAABot for problematic answers that could be improved/flagged, I noticed one that was blatantly off-topic (link to deleted post). Flagged it as Not an Answer and continued on. ...
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How do VLQ flags work, what's their relationship to the LQP queue, what's their *purpose*, and how can the site document them better?

A confession: somehow, after years on Stack Exchange, I'm still nowhere near understanding Very Low Quality flags, and they don't seem to be documented properly anywhere that I can find. When I flag ...
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Is it rude/abusive to knowingly abuse the answer section?

Every once in a while going through the VLQ queue, I'll notice a new question posted as an answer that's prefaced with "I know that this isn't an answer, but..." (I'll occasionally even see this from ...
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Why are incorrect, downvoted answers not deleted? [duplicate]

I have come across many answers which are fundamentally incorrect and have been downvoted, but have not been deleted. I had flagged a few as NAA, but the flags were declined as flags should not be ...
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Should I flag blatantly off-topic answers?

Sometimes I encounter answers that attempt to answer a question that is that completely unrelated to the parent question (Example). The example question is about Objective-C but the answer is about ...
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