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Closing question as duplicate caused too much of comment to be removed [duplicate]

I responded to this question with a comment. It's a 2-part question. The first part appeared to be a duplicate; the second part wasn't clear. At first, I didn't think I should close it as a dupe ...
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Allow user to choose between an ordinary close vote and the mighty Mjölnir

I've noticed with the new gold-badge closing that the user no longer has a choice. Voting to close is fine, if you're wrong it doesn't close, no big deal. But if you gold-badge close and you're wrong, ...
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Do not automatically remove hand-written comments when closing as duplicate

I believe there is a auto-magical process that removes all comments that refer to "duplicate" question when "closed as duplicate" is chosen (existence for auto-generated comments covered in comment ...
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Changes to "How should duplicate questions be handled" FAQ?

I came across an answer to an obvious duplicate recently, along the lines of: As answered here var date1 = new Date("7/13/2010"); var date2 = new Date("12/15/2010"); var timeDiff = Math.abs(...
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Ban boilerplate comments on downvoting as well ( or at least make them one vote deletes )

Boilerplate comments that say things like "read the FAQ", "show your work", etc are banned, I think we should ban the various comments about down voting as well. "downvoter explain", "why the downvote"...
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When posting raw question links in comments, add the question title

While browsing questions, I frequently find myself linking to other questions in the comments. For example, I might close vote a question as a duplicate, but also link several other questions that ...
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How should we call the assumed original of a question marked as duplicate?

Some expert has marked a question as duplicate of another question. In my eyes that is totally correct. I made a comment to the asker that I think he should go to the 'original' question. What I want ...
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Do not delete comments when question is marked as duplicate

If a comment underneath a question contains a link to another question and the question is subsequently closed as duplicate of this question, the comment containing this link is automatically deleted. ...
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Preserve duplicate nomination comments in timeline

When a gold badge holder closes a question as a duplicate of another (called "hammering") any comments suggesting that the question may be a duplicate are automatically removed. This is sometimes ...
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Notify dupe hammerer when OP posts a comment on the question

Ever since I received my Mjölnir I've been taking duplicate closures very seriously. When you're just one of five people casting a close vote, it's easier for other people to review the duplicate you ...
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