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When to edit code/links into snippet? [duplicate]

Being that I'm relatively new in my education on front-end development, I've come across a lot of older, basic questions that I use to help myself along. Oftentimes, if there is plain code there, I ...
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When should I make edits to code?

The about page says: Improve posts by editing or commenting Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use ...
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How should I get started reviewing the Late Answers and First Questions/ Answers Queues?

I've just gained 500 reputation and am thinking about doing my part in the First Questions, First Answers, and Late Answers queues. What are these queues for? What do I need to keep in mind to do a ...
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Asker refuses to keep MCVE

This is the question in question (10k only). Originally, it contained just a code fragment, referencing many names that weren't defined in the question. I prompted the user for an MCVE and they ...
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Edits that add OP's code from 3rd party site where the license is unavailable

I saw this edit review: The editor wanted to add code the OP had at According to this answer we shouldn't be allowing ...
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Mention online compilers on the Minimal, Reproducible Example page?

(Note: This is mainly motivated by what I observe in the C++ tag - other tags may have different experiences - please share!) Many times a day we link people to the Minimal, Reproducible Example site....
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Use of CodeSandbox vs built-in code snippets

Getting really annoying to see a lot more questions using codesandbox like this one: Material UI transition out and in on single button click Why aren't they using the built-in code snippets? There's ...
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How to reduce complicated code on runnable code example sites to a sensible stack snippet?

I sometimes see questions with a link to a runnable code site like CodePen or JSFiddle that contains some complicated computation of the resulting page. Currently, the worst are tools like CodeSandbox,...
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Restricting ''

I noticed that isn't CC-BY-SA (as opposed to, so we can't re-insert content back into a post. So please restrict usage of the same ...
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How to handle edit limitations when adding code to a question?

My problem started with this question and my revision of it. When I added the code from a link that the OP provided I couldn't submit the edit because it only contained code. Thing is - that was the ...
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Fiddle and code snippets

I have tried to edit some questions, like this one, that would take great benefit in readability by having a snippet instead of just some plain code. The edit failed because OP put also a link to an ...
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Triage guidance for Requires Editing: "Pull code in from hosting site linked in question", how it is handled in H&I?

Triage guidance suggests this as a reason to pick Requires Editing: Pull code in from hosting site linked in question... Above guidance is easily available for Triage reviewers because it is ...
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