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Unanswered question block contains wrong author

I see a bug in a list of questions. I see a question of another author with my account set as an author. . I just edited my answer 1 hour ago. Is it a listed bug? UPD. modified answer would be ...
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Top nav bar sticky preferences

I saw the new nav bar update and a linked post to make the new nav bar not sticky. I went and checked the box to unstick the bar on the main SO site, but then noticed it's still sticky here on Meta. I ...
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Include the Help link in the source of the new navbar [duplicate]

Include the Help link in the source of the navbar, and then simply hide it for high-rep users. That would allow plugins like Stylish, Greasemonkey, etc. to show the link, for those of us who still ...
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Pop-up messages shown under the new top-bar

I got the new top-bar (even if I'm >34k rep). The issue is, pop-up messages such as the "successfully created job alert" one are displayed under the new top-bar. Tested with Vivaldi browser, so I ...
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Escape to collapse search and fix a visual bug in the search box

Two things: Is it possible to make it so that the search box collapses if you press the Escape key? If it is expanded, but I decide that I want to go to Questions, I have to first click somewhere ...
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Miss the old top navigation [duplicate]

I really love this site and respect these programmers and designers. They design this amazing site. Many details of the design makes people admire. But I really like the old top nav. It looks clearer ...
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Can we have the old nav back? [duplicate]

This is an honest question. I have been reading the comments in the post Top Navigation Update, and it is safe to say, almost everyone seems to dislike it, some more vocal than the others. I ...
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Ask Question button background color

After the top nav went live I just noticed that "ask question" button style is different for external users in compared to the logged in users. So for logged in user it appears And for external ...
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The review icon number, what does it mean [duplicate]

This little bugger What does this seemingly random number mean? It changes constantly between 10 and 70 for me, without any logic to me, and I can't seem to influence it. So why is this number the ...
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