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How much reputation is given per documentation post per day - convert to community wiki [closed]

Has anyone looked into specific numbers of how much reputation is being given out on documentation? It's like a hyperinflation, crashing any meaning to reputation as a measure of trust. If you take ...
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Documentation Update, February 6th [closed]

It is time for 2017's first major upgrade to Stack Overflow Documentation — a new Discussion feature plus some other improvements to menus, spam-prevention, review audits and the ever-popular ...
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Documenting the problems with documentation [closed]

Documentation has finally reached public beta, and it looks quite good, but (there's always a but) there are some things wrong with it. Duplicated content We have quite a few canonical (general) ...
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Reputation lost and there's no explanation [closed]

This is very annoying and frustrating. Yesterday I had close to 2K reputation and today I have 1.6K. Almost 400 points vanished. No warning, no comments, no downvotes. Nothing apparently changed. I ...
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I've just lost 1760 reputation points without explanation [closed]

That's 22% of my reputation on SO. Now you see them. ... and now you don't If this is some "recalculation", then these one-sided updates without warning or explanation aren't the way to go about ...
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How can I find out the reason for losing near 300 points of reputation [closed]

Today, I have noticed that my reputation fell below 5K. It was above 5K like I don't know 5-10 days ago. However I couldn't find the reason of this change in reputation. Probably it is related to ...
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Remove select languages from Documentation per community decision [closed]

tl;dr Documentation would fill a better niche and be generally more useful if we focused less on specific languages, and more on specific libraries. The largest examples of documentation that we have ...
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How much rep do I actually have? [closed]

This morning, when I logged in, it appears that I have had a 926 point increase overnight... I know this, because I slept my computer overnight and was still logged into Stack Overflow, and so could ...
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Documentation contributor chain on an Example is broken after a Topic move [closed]

Strange journey to get here I gave this answer, where I linked to a docs example I wrote back before public beta I got the Creditor badge for said link. But... First citation of a topic or example ...
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Point deduction after user deletion is wrongly displayed

From my point history: -9 Feb 6 -10 18:32 removed User was removed (learn more) +1 15:15 upvote Exiting Vim Prior to that day I was at 7k points, after the deletion 30 points were removed ...
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