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Top Navigation Update

Update: The new top navigation is now live. Please continue to post feature requests and bug reports as new posts and tag top-bar. We’ve opened up the new Top Nav to our power users for testing and ...
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Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project

I’m Kristina, the first (and so far, only) User Experience Researcher here at Stack Overflow. As you probably know, on SO we have a bit of a problem with our new user experience. People new to SO (or ...
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Phase Two of Top Navigation Testing Begins Soon!

We're happy to report that phase one of our top navigation redesign testing went very well. We're going to be starting phase two very soon, and wanted to give you a preview of things to come and some ...
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We're adding a setting to disable fixed/sticky navigation

As part of our work on updating site navigation we have recently asked y'all to help us test the new top nav and provide bug reports and other feedback. One feature that has garnered a lot of strong ...
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Can the podcast please stop making episodes about cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

I subscribed to the Stack Overflow Podcast because its description matches me and my interests perfectly: The Stack Overflow podcast is a weekly conversation about working in software development, ...
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Concerns about recent Stack Exchange responses to users' suggestions

In recent product announcements, I have noticed a trend that is disturbing to me. Stack Exchange employees are making claims and arguing with users without providing data to back up assumptions. This ...
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We're Soon to be A/B Testing Some Changes to the Top Nav

As what Stack Overflow has to offer folks has grown considerably in the last year, we're going to be testing some changes to the top navigation that we hope will help new users find all of the things ...
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How to go back to the old top bar?

How can I change the theme of the site back to the normal black bar and all of the rest? It just changed right now without any warning and I want it back. Currently, it looks like this: How it used ...
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The new review icon isn't an improvement

TylerH mentioned here that he likes the new review icon (currently in A/B testing): That icon is the same, isn't it? For pity's sake, can we replace that icon or just add some text? Now it has a ...
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Has the top bar redesign met its goals?

Back in November 2016, the first announcement of the new top bar was posted. Since then, there have been a few rounds of testing, before it was officially released on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack ...
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How does Stack Overflow (technically) perform opt-in like A/B tests?

I've only recently seen the new post about the top bar being A/B tested during these weeks, and that currently this week bug tests will be their focus. Nevertheless, how do you structure the system in ...
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"posts awaiting review" orange counter is way off

Simple math: 4 + 1 = 5, not 21. I believe there was a recent change counting all posts one can review (except Close queue of course) instead of only suggested edits, but still... there shouldn't ...
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How many of you like the new navigation bar? Would you like to be able to revert to the old navigation bar?

I'm personally not happy with the new navigation bar. I think it's just too much and simply overpowering. - a navigation bar is meant to be simple and plain (just like the old one was). A few ...
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Quick route from Meta to Main

After multiple years of use, one of my "muscle memories" is navigating from Meta to Main, something I do fairly frequently after seeing something in Hot Meta Posts etc. On the old navigation it was ...
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Achievement icon in new top bar is shaded green even when there's no badge achievement

After multiple feature requests (1, 2) in the latest top bar update, the different notification colors were added back. However, the achievement icon (not the count, the icon) turns green even when ...
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Make new top bar smaller

The new top bar is great, but I feel it is too tall. As far as I can tell it is currently 60 px in height, and it could easily do with 10 px less of white space. Also, it's odd that this old related ...
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People reached popup chopped off by top bar

This isn't major and is probably picky but I happened to notice and so thought it would make sense to report. See screenshot: I'm using Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) and zoom is 100% ...
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new Top Nav: reputation change - bug?

New Top Nav reputation change show us notification about reputation change (green square) but doesn't change reputation total score (red square). Even if i open achivements panel - nothing is changed ...
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New navigation bar hides part of another window

I clicked "close" on a question I had already voted to close. Here's what the screen looks like: The box which shows the close options is partly hidden. I can see the bottom tips of some lower-case ...
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New search bar flickers

The new search bar in the top has a bug. After you enter your search text and press search (or enter) the magnifier icon overlaps the search text and flickers two times. Browser/OS: Firefox 51/...
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Eeek, the super-mega-expando search box is annoying, part 3

New top bar, new super-mega-expando search box, and it's almost as annoying as the previous one. The box expands when you type in it and contracts when you unfocus it. It expands towards the left, ...
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Why was this site suddenly renamed to "Questions"?

It is a convention that the name of the website has a prominent spot on top or is the most top left most element. Therefore this site now either called "Questions" or "Top Questions". The URL says ...
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Stats on the top bar's stickiness

When the new top bar was introduced, there was quite a bit of controversy regarding the bar's stickiness. Many users liked the design, while many were strongly opposed to it. This issue was resolved ...
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New Top Nav should not overlay review-bar

The new top navigation seems to overlay the review bar: This makes reviewing slightly more 'tedious' since I would have to scroll up for each review in order to click the buttons. And also (self-...
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What is the purpose of the top bar update?

I want to know what added functionality was this intended to add? I'm trying to understand why the change was needed in the first place.
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Flag count disappears after closing the moderator inbox

With the new top bar, the flag count disappears after opening and closing the moderator inbox: While this makes sense for the inbox, it doesn't make sense here.
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New Top Bar - Where's the "help" menu gone?

I often use the help menu to quickly get to the Help Center when looking for snippets to post on answers whilst reviewing them. This is what it used to look like: This seems to have now disappeared ...
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Make the indicator of unread inbox messages more visible

Inbox indicator in the old top bar: Inbox indicator in the new top bar: That number has gotten a lot smaller.¹ I admit that it makes sense to still show the icon, so as to give an indication of ...
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Not a fan of the "Questions" link being highlighted; what purpose does it actually serve again?

This relates to the new top nav. Those that can't see it will still observe this behavior. I know this is the base behavior, but I'm no fan of it. I think it's meant to behave as a pseudo-...
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New Nav cuts off the tops of my words in the More Stack Exchange Communities box

This is specific to the new nav - I tried, and it's not broken on the other sites. I'm on Firefox 50.0.1 (x32) Windows
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