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Missing Close Button Due to z-index Issue

The stack snippets close button is missing after clicking "Full page". It appears to be an issue with the z-index. The iframe for the stack snippet has an inlined z-index: 1030, but the close button ...
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new Top Nav: reputation change - bug?

New Top Nav reputation change show us notification about reputation change (green square) but doesn't change reputation total score (red square). Even if i open achivements panel - nothing is changed ...
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Quick route from Meta to Main

After multiple years of use, one of my "muscle memories" is navigating from Meta to Main, something I do fairly frequently after seeing something in Hot Meta Posts etc. On the old navigation it was ...
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Not a fan of the "Questions" link being highlighted; what purpose does it actually serve again?

This relates to the new top nav. Those that can't see it will still observe this behavior. I know this is the base behavior, but I'm no fan of it. I think it's meant to behave as a pseudo-...
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New Top Nav should not overlay review-bar

The new top navigation seems to overlay the review bar: This makes reviewing slightly more 'tedious' since I would have to scroll up for each review in order to click the buttons. And also (self-...
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How does Stack Overflow (technically) perform opt-in like A/B tests?

I've only recently seen the new post about the top bar being A/B tested during these weeks, and that currently this week bug tests will be their focus. Nevertheless, how do you structure the system in ...
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We're Soon to be A/B Testing Some Changes to the Top Nav

As what Stack Overflow has to offer folks has grown considerably in the last year, we're going to be testing some changes to the top navigation that we hope will help new users find all of the things ...

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