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Phase Two of Top Navigation Testing Begins Soon!

We're happy to report that phase one of our top navigation redesign testing went very well. We're going to be starting phase two very soon, and wanted to give you a preview of things to come and some ...
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New search bar flickers

The new search bar in the top has a bug. After you enter your search text and press search (or enter) the magnifier icon overlaps the search text and flickers two times. Browser/OS: Firefox 51/...
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New Nav cuts off the tops of my words in the More Stack Exchange Communities box

This is specific to the new nav - I tried, and it's not broken on the other sites. I'm on Firefox 50.0.1 (x32) Windows
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We're adding a setting to disable fixed/sticky navigation

As part of our work on updating site navigation we have recently asked y'all to help us test the new top nav and provide bug reports and other feedback. One feature that has garnered a lot of strong ...
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New navigation bar hides part of another window

I clicked "close" on a question I had already voted to close. Here's what the screen looks like: The box which shows the close options is partly hidden. I can see the bottom tips of some lower-case ...
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Make the indicator of unread inbox messages more visible

Inbox indicator in the old top bar: Inbox indicator in the new top bar: That number has gotten a lot smaller.¹ I admit that it makes sense to still show the icon, so as to give an indication of ...
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Eeek, the super-mega-expando search box is annoying, part 3

New top bar, new super-mega-expando search box, and it's almost as annoying as the previous one. The box expands when you type in it and contracts when you unfocus it. It expands towards the left, ...
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How many of you like the new navigation bar? Would you like to be able to revert to the old navigation bar?

I'm personally not happy with the new navigation bar. I think it's just too much and simply overpowering. - a navigation bar is meant to be simple and plain (just like the old one was). A few ...
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The review icon number, what does it mean [duplicate]

This little bugger What does this seemingly random number mean? It changes constantly between 10 and 70 for me, without any logic to me, and I can't seem to influence it. So why is this number the ...
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Why was this site suddenly renamed to "Questions"?

It is a convention that the name of the website has a prominent spot on top or is the most top left most element. Therefore this site now either called "Questions" or "Top Questions". The URL says ...
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Different behavior of items in the top bar

I've looked and haven't seen this behavior reported yet. In the old top bar, once you clicked to see your inbox or your reputation changes, you could hover your mouse over the other items and they ...
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What is the purpose of the top bar update?

I want to know what added functionality was this intended to add? I'm trying to understand why the change was needed in the first place.
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Achievement icon in new top bar is shaded green even when there's no badge achievement

After multiple feature requests (1, 2) in the latest top bar update, the different notification colors were added back. However, the achievement icon (not the count, the icon) turns green even when ...
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Flag count disappears after closing the moderator inbox

With the new top bar, the flag count disappears after opening and closing the moderator inbox: While this makes sense for the inbox, it doesn't make sense here.
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Why can't I choose another review queue to be tracked on the top bar instead of 'suggested edits'?

In some situations other kinds of Review are more relevant, like: Example 1: If I'm trying to reach the 'Reviewer Badge' on "Late Answers" or "Documentation: Proposed Changes" (wich usualy have an ...

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