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Merge the "Not An Answer" and "Very Low Quality" flags into one

Note, there is a similar request on MSE which is 2 years old. Note also that the observations made here can be put in perspective of the comment flag change which is going to encapsulate lots of ...
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2020: a year in moderation

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the past 12 months. As most of you here are aware, sites on the Stack Exchange network ...
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2018: a year in moderation

It's New Year's Day in Stack Exchange land... A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange network engine to be mostly self-regulating, in ...
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Stop using our delete votes in the LQPRQ when 20k-rep users recommend deletion

EDIT: Now that the testing has been completed on changing the number of reviews required to delete a post I think this is even more needed. We only need 4 reviews to delete a post so using 3 20K ...
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How does the LQPRQ work?

My question came up, when I noticed that a NAA flag of mine got disputed. I had a look at the review and read that the review completed with 3 votes for and 3 against deletion. I wondered how this ...
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A series of declined flags

That a flag gets denied from time to time is nothing new, but now I got three in a row, which seems a bit odd. I'm not sure if I was actually wrong to flag these, so I'd like to get a second opinion. ...
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On the performance of the low quality review queue

If you are able to understand Shog's graph you will notice that NAAs handled by the moderators are twice as much as those handled by "community", which considering that the community is more strict ...
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How can a 4-year-old answer scoring 11 be flagged as VLQ?

I recently came across this answer in review. Though I reviewed it as Looks OK, I wouldn't necessarily mind if I'm wrong there. The main problem is how exactly it was flagged. If I remember ...
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Why are some flags reviewed very fast? [duplicate]

Recently I've noticed that some of my flags: get marked as helpful almost instantly. Does the system itself mark some flags as helpful? Or why is this happening? and some are waiting very long and ...
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How has review participation changed since the new topbar was added? [duplicate]

The new top bar design seems to coincide with more complaints that the edit review queue is full. Are there any numbers on pre- and post-new-topbar for reviews?
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Handling of different flag types [duplicate]

I frequently work in the first posts/late answers queues and flag posts if necessary. Most of the time it's 'not an answer' and seldom 'spam'. Both types of flags get handled (i.e. status changes from ...
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Is triage question limit increased? [duplicate]

Is triage questions limit increased as earlier while reviewing it was giving Thank you message after 20 questions, but today it gave that message after 40 questions. Or is it related to reputations?
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