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Can't access this website from Syria any more, recent issue

The website used to be accessible before, but in the last couple of days I'm no longer able to visit without using VPN. I noticed the issue about three days ago (along with the ...
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Would you like for free? [closed]

tl;dr: I own the domain name I cannot build something good for the community with it, and I want to gift it to someone who has an idea that will benefit the Stack Overflow ...
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Someone just deleted their answers and ragequit over the navbar redesign. Can we make sure we undelete their answers?

In the comments at, AndryDude claims to have ragequit after deleting their top answers: Assuming that no automatic ...
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Closing SO employee posts on Meta

There was recently a meta question posted concerning Hot Meta Posts. Upon reading this question, I voted to close it as "This question does not appear to seek input and discussion from the community,"...
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Aftermath of discussing politics on SO

I won't argue on whether we should or should not discuss politics on SO, but I'm wondering what the effects of Time to take a stand were. I'm looking for any metrics that indicate the community ...
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Migrated question has six close votes but is not closed Also, when I voted to close it the close dialogue errored but it still recorded my close ...
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There are more important things on which to take a stand [closed]

I am extremely upset by the continuous actions of the Saudi Arabian government. It is immoral, unethical, morally repugnant and fundamentally anti-humanitarian. The use of anti-Jewish, anti-Christian ...
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Should we identify COVID-19 related programming questions? If so, how?

COVID-19 has caused at least 250K deaths and counting. Firms such as auto makers, fashion houses, and distilleries have changed their product lines to address the pandemic. While programmers working ...
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I cannot nominate a question for reopening twice? Even if it has been closed and reopened again?

This (mine) question has been closed then reopened (I also nominated for reopening) then closed again (in case you're interested this is meta post about that, also closed and reopened). I just tried ...
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Why has Stack Overflow been publicly silent about race issues?

With a diverse audience and a corporate culture that makes claims such as “Diverse teams build better products,” why has Stack Overflow not publicly shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement? ...
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(Optionally) show national flag in usercards?

Having read recent meta and blog posts, I got to thinking how I, like the Labor Day user mentioned in the blog post, never really consider the multicultural aspect of life here on Stack Exchange - I ...
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User level upgrade! High level's shouldn't answer all easy questions! [duplicate]

I would love it if high reputation users were blocked from answering low reputation users questions. At least for a period of time, then if it remained unsolved a high rep could step in with an answer....
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Why was my 'off-topic' flag on a Meta post about politics declined as 'not requiring intervention'? [duplicate]

I flagged this post: Time to take a stand No specific flag options were available, so I chose needs moderator attention and this text "This post has nothing to do with programming or the operation of ...
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Revise user profile "Impact" panel to mention number of countries reached

There's an "Impact" panel in the upper right corner of the SO user profile page. It says how many people a user has reached. May I suggest you revise it from, e.g. "1.7M people reached" to, e.g. "1....
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Time to lock "Time to take a stand" [duplicate]

Five days before the posting of this question, Joel Spolsky posted Time to take a stand (yes, it's been only five days!) and all hell broke loose. So many answers criticizing the post or suggesting ...
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