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A list of tag synonyms not proposed in Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Stack Exchange is a big community with users from different backgrounds. In its each sub-site, tens of thousands of tags are proposed by different users to annotate questions. However, due to the ...
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Clean up of run-together/hyphenated and singular/plural tags

The Stack Exchange user interface now prevents creating tags that differ only in hyphenation or pluralization. This hasn't always been so, however, and there are currently many such tag pairs, like ...
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Burninate 73 AngularJS directive tags

There have been questions about the merits of specialized tags (Burninate specific event tags) and the redundancy of some tags related to AngularJS (
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Make the synonym system more available

The appalling number of missing tag synonyms and unfulfilled synonym and other retag requests with no signs of improvement shows that the current synonym mechanic fails to create a working system that ...
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Asking an [angular-ng-*] question is as easy as picking from four different tag formats

I just noticed that the angularjs tags for specific options and modules are a mess. While everyone was able to determine that AngularJS should be tagged with angularjs, apparently nobody has decided ...
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Alias [keystone.js] and [keystonejs]

The keystone.js and keystonejs should be aliased as they both refer to the same library. As the official name is KeystoneJS, I propose keeping that as the primary and aliasing keystone.js to it.
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Merge [angularjs-(.+)] --> [angular-$1]

(UPDATE: I've reversed the order of which direction the tag merges should go.) angularjs-directive -> angular-directive angularjs-ngmodel -> angular-ng-model angularjs-bootstrap -> angular-...
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What should be the names of the AngularJS tags? [duplicate]

The responses to this question Should there be a separate 'angularjs-2.0' tag? overwhelmingly agree that AngularJS 2.0 should have a separate tag. The question now is what should be the names of the ...
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Synonymize tags [multi-factor] and [multi-factor-authentication]

The tag description for multi-factor is: Use for questions about multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is a way to secure access to a resource by requiring a user to provide multiple pieces of ...
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Synonomize [typelib] and [type-library]

The tag typelib means "type library", and its definition includes that term. "Typelib" isn't just an abbreviation, it is the actual name as given by Microsoft, and used in ...
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Merge [vue.js] into [vuejs]

I think we should merge the tags vue.js and vuejs together. There is a vuejs2 for v2, but both the above point to the same version. So, I suggest we should merge them into vuejs as is the case for ...
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The number of mistakenly tagged questions is off the [mpchart]

I do not have sufficient privileges so I am using Meta to ask to merge mpchart tag into mpandroidchart tag. Phillip Jahoda, author of this library, says on Github that he monitors questions with the ...
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Synonymise [singlepage] with [single-page-application]

Both tags, singlepage and single-page-application, are about SPA (single page applications), both wiki tags make reference to the same docs: Single Page Interface in Wikipedia Single Page Interface ...
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To dot or not to dot that is the [pdfjs] question, or is it [pdf.js]?

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous naming Or to take Arms against a Sea of tags 'n users And by opposing, burninate them. Okay, so there are two tags, pdfjs ...
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Merge [menu-items] into [menuitem] [duplicate]

menuitem and menu-items have identical tag wikis, but the former has (as of writing) been used 2,382 times and the latter 94 times. Let's merge menu-items into menuitem.
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