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When to flag an answer as "not an answer"

With respect to some flag rejection messages I received recently, the following seems to be a few of the guidelines for judging an answer: If it's an incorrect answer, downvote it. If you don't agree ...
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A minor change to the description of the "not an answer" flag: "the question" β†’ "a question"

Every once in a while, which some regularity, somebody on SO completely misreads a question (or is just generally confused or insane or on drugs, or whatever) and posts an answer that has absolutely ...
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Is a self-answer of "looks like I had a typo" really not NAA?

This question is a standard "missing a )" typo question, pretty promptly closed as such. After it was pointed out, the OP answered his own question (deleted, 10k+ only) with just "Question due to typo,...
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Again a "not an answer" flag has been declined when the answer uses a completely unrelated language

Two days ago, I posted this question about why some of my "not an answer" flags have been declined. I read all the comments and understood the reasons and tried to change my method for flagging. Just ...
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I flagged an answer as "not an answer", but it was declined. Why is this considered an answer?

I flagged this answer as "not an answer"; as I think it is much more of an comment than an answer. Got back "declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it" Can ...
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Why did a moderator decline my Not An Answer flag?

I flagged this answer as Not An Answer, but it was declined by a moderator: How can I configure my makefile for debug and release builds? I don't understand why it was declined...? It suggests ...
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Poor answer to poor question [duplicate]

I failed an audit for this question (now deleted). The question was (in my opinion) a low-quality question to begin with since it asked for a "free tool," which falls into an off-topic category. ...
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Failed review audit because answer looked good to me, but it had been deleted as spam [duplicate]

I failed a review audit, because the answer looked good to me, even though it was a commercial product - My reasoning was that it was not a ...
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Flagging a code style suggestion as "Not an answer" wrongfully declined? [duplicate]

I've recently flagged this answer (10k only link) with the "not an answer" flag. Adding the answer here, since it was deleted by the owner: Only a short notice: change Players(int value3) { ...
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Can I assume an *answer to an unasked question* to be or not to be an answer?

Here I thought, I learned that when I ask: How much is the apple? the response: If you want to buy a car, make sure you have enough money. is not an answer. Arguable it is an answer. It is ...
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NAA flag declined for completely unrelated answer [duplicate]

I flagged this answer since it doesn't even reflect anything OP was asking in his question. The question was, in short, about running a batch file silently on Windows startup. One of the answers ...
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