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When timeline is occur [duplicate]

The timeline is occur at stackoverflow for all question/anwser. We can see who is vote up or down their question. This is neccessory or privacy?
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Why is there no link to timeline of the post?

I can see the timeline of a question: {site}/posts/{post_id}/timeline But there is no link to it. Maybe I can't just find it or it is located in the place hard to see. But if there is really no link ...
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Where can I find the result of my close vote?

On Dec 28th I voted to close this question which now shows no close votes and the text: You have already voted to close this question, but you may vote again on Jan 30 at 3:01 I am aware of the "...
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Reverse the timeline in election history

I would appreciate if the newest election results were at the top on the community moderator election page. That list will only become longer and needs more scrolling to see the results of the recent ...
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Link to a review in the review queue from the flag status page

So, say you flag an post as VLQ and it heads off to the review queue. A little while later, you head over to your flags to check the status and see that it is disputed. So, you go back to the answer ...
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Guidance on flagging an off-topic question

I flagged this post but my flag was disputed. I cannot remember which flag I used, but I would like to know if this is just a fine question or off-topic and a clear case for closing to get better at ...
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Is there a way to know who voted to close my questions?

I want to know who voted to close my questions. My two old questions were voted to close yesterday. I think there is a stalker who voted to close all my questions.
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Vote Summary in Timeline [closed]

In the new feature the timeline, you can see the number of votes up and down. Since anyone can see this no matter what the reputation is, then this makes the following privilege: https://...
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How are questions handled on meta?

When a question is asked on meta, usually users, moderators, or even SE employees would response to it by writing answers. However, sometimes there would be no answers, despite many comments left. ...
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How can I check if a question was edited since it was closed?

I voted to close a question, and it was later closed. Today I navigated to the same question, and I see that it was edited. The question, including the close-banner, now looks like this: ... Closed ...
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Questions that could be answered by a simple Google search [duplicate]

I am going through a question like this: What is a stored procedure? And it strikes me that: How does it get 124 up-votes? A simple Google search leads to excellent articles including below ...
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