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Can we support users who do not understand how to debug their code?

Honestly I think this situation broke me since it's so paradoxical. In light of recent events, I'd like to keep the tone neutral and apply this in general since I don't think we've actively thought ...
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Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

I've participated once in a discussion regarding removing greetings, salutations and thanks from SO posts here. Another discussion took place on Meta here. Both accepted answers and their votes seem ...
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Let's talk about my (canned) comments for bad questions by New Contributors

With all the back and forth (and the Do you mind if I don't's) between everyone regarding comments, and the Code of Conduct, and new users, I want to check with the community whether the canned ...
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How do we give constructive criticism to new users who have only very probably mindlessly turned to Stack Overflow?

Freshly past 500, I thought I'd check out my review privileges and promptly encountered this First Post:
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What does "this comment kills the grace period" mean?

So I encountered this comment during an audit: This is spam and this comment kills the grace period. The question was obvious spam, and the word "spam" was in the link in plain sight. What does ...
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What should the user community do about incivility on Stack Overflow?

Incivility on Stack Overflow is not a new topic. But apparently it's been given new life. So here's your chance to sound off on what we, as a community, can do about it. But first, some of my own ...
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If Stack Overflow is so highly reputation-motivated, why do people bother coming to Meta?

I've come to believe over my relatively passive life on Stack Overflow that it is, unfortunately, heavily reputation focused rather than solution and help-based. That being said, since Meta does not ...
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Is the MCVE help page actually being linked to in a useful way?

Recently when posting questions of my own, or viewing others' questions, I see that the comments are all "Improve your question by posting a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example." or "That's ...
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What sort of question will get me reasoned and intelligent answers here on Meta?

I've succeeded in helping people quite well on Stack Overflow, but life on Meta seems to be in a completely different world, and apparently without any guidelines. I am quite happy to accept that "it ...
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Not sure whether this qualifies as a subtle put-down

The Code of Conduct says: No subtle put-downs or unfriendly language. Even if you don’t intend it, this can have a negative impact on others. I came across this comment and flagged it as "...
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Addressing the highest friction point of seeming welcoming: heavily rate-limiting comments

I had thought about putting together a Medium blog for a response on what the actual Problem™ here on Stack Overflow was, and why there was this air of hostility, but every time I sat down to make ...
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Automatic comment if new user's question is down voted more than once

Sure, we have a system in place that prevents a question from being asked if it "looks like there isn't enough code". But, I noticed that there is a lot of situations where people will have to leave ...
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Welcome template comment for new posters with poor quality posts

Frequently with new posters who post poor quality posts, I add a comment like: Welcome to Stack Overflow. Unfortunately, your question does not meet the Stack Overflow criteria for a quality ...
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