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Sunsetting Documentation

We will stop accepting contributions to Documentation on August 8 2017 On behalf of everyone who worked on Documentation, I want to thank all 15,451 users who contributed. We particularly want to ...
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Is Documentation a failed experiment? [closed]

Early on, I made some small change to some small part of PHP Documentation and occasionally see a single rep point pop up, but I NEVER find myself visiting it for ANY reason now. Matteo Italia's well ...
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Users are creating Topics in Docs without any guidance or cautions [closed]

I've been trying to keep the PHP list of Topics clean. A common issue I'm seeing (and removing) are Topics that are just too localized (i.e. tutorials on how to perform some highly specific task), but ...
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Index of Documentation update announcements [closed]

Is there a collated list of Documentation updates by developers?
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The things that drive me nuts about documentation [closed]

These are some of the things that make me wince every time I enter the documentation side of the site, that I think a decent number of people would agree with. I'd like to see what people think about ...
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Documentation should be elitist [closed]

This post was inspired by the "Is Documentation failing?" question, but it's something I've been thinking about for the system. The fact is: The idea of world-editable, world-moderated content makes ...
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Is Documentation failing? [closed]

Are there any stats for Documentation about the activity in a specific tag? I have observed that a niche tag like MATLAB is pretty much dead (last action on Dec 2nd). I personally lost interest in ...
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Documentation Update, October 20th [closed]

It's time for another Documentation Update! This is post six in the series; here's the previous post. Shipped Review Audits and Bans The audits themselves rolled out a bit ago, but bans are now ...
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Documentation Reputation Update Is Live [closed]

TL;DR Noticed your rep change? It’s because we’re deploying an update to the rep in the Documentation Beta as was announced a couple weeks ago. The biggest change: there is now a “minor” ...
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FYI - New Documentation Review Queue for Proposed Changes [closed]

In a few minutes, we'll be turning on a new review queue for documentation's proposed changes, detailed in this meta post. This is just a heads-up to let everyone know to report bugs here or tag them ...
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Documentation Update, August 4th [closed]

This is the second post in our series of regular (roughly weekly) updates on the Documentation Beta. See also the previous post in the series. Shipped Changes Review Rules We've just enabled an ...
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Make documentation more searchable [closed]

I would like to propose some better ways to search documentation. Right now if I want to find something in the documentation it's terribly difficult. It's good to make people write good documentation ...
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Can we use citations to evaluate the usefulness of Examples? [closed]

Back when Documentation was announced, we got this comment: If SO became the #1 repository of easily-searchable examples by language, framework, etc. I would never look anywhere else. Yes, one can ...
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How much reputation is given per documentation post per day - convert to community wiki [closed]

Has anyone looked into specific numbers of how much reputation is being given out on documentation? It's like a hyperinflation, crashing any meaning to reputation as a measure of trust. If you take ...
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Can Documentation go back to private beta? [closed]

There are still a lot of bugs in Documentation, many people saying how bad it is (because it actually is), edit wars on every example that gets more than 20 votes up, many people trying to get their ...

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