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Should version information be removed in AngularJS (2) questions?

Google decided to remove the version information at AngularJS 2. In the future AngularJS 2 (or higher versions like AngularJS 4) should only be called AngularJS. We discussed here also about renaming ...
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Webdriver.IO tags cleanup

Webdriver.IOs current version is 7, and for some reason each version has its own tag. I suggest to map all of them to a new tag, wdio. Current tags: wdio-v5 49 questions wdio-v6 27 questions wdio-v4 ...
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angular1.x is a synonym of angularjs

angular1.x is use on 7 now 18 questions. It is not a version of AngularJS, 1.x probably means "the first version of Angular", that is angularjs. I think this is an exact synonym of angularjs. I can't ...
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How should separate Angular 2 and angular documentation tags be handled? [closed]

Currently in the Documentation section there is a tag for Angular 2 and angular separately. Is there a way to request a merge of these to prevent duplicated effort? I think that "angular" would be ...
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Synonymize Angular1.x tag [duplicate]

Can we get the angular1.x synonymized into the angularjs one? It seems to have originated with this question and has been used a few dozen times since. This has been requested a few times already ...
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