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How to remove an approved synonym?

I have a been reading for a while to find out how I can remove an approved synonym to a tag. For a long time, it looked like I needed to "down vote" it. But apparently, you can only vote for synonyms ...
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How to tag questions about the new Angular2 version (4.0.0) [duplicate]

Excuse: This question isn't about strict coding, but it's about issues and problems concerning the new version of Angular2. Introduction: As we know, yesterday, a new stable version of Angular2 (4....
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What can be done to prevent wrong use of AngularJS tag? [duplicate]

Since the release of Angular2, I see a lot of questions on StackOverflow tagged as angular2 + angularjs. As a reminder, AngularJS is the first version of Angular, and the tag should not be use for ...
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Tag rename [angular2] => [angular] [duplicate]

Currently angular redirects to angularjs According to Google themselves the new library is called "Angular" (no 2) as they are moving to semantic versioning and Angular v4.0.0 is coming out very soon ...
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Can we have tag warnings or full blocks for particular tag combinations?

As a very prominent example I often see questions tagged c++ along with the stl tag, that really doesn't apply validly to most of the common questions. The STL tag wiki clearly states that it mainly ...

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