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Tag rename [angular2] => [angular] [duplicate]

Currently angular redirects to angularjs According to Google themselves the new library is called "Angular" (no 2) as they are moving to semantic versioning and Angular v4.0.0 is coming out very soon ...
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What can be done to prevent wrong use of AngularJS tag? [duplicate]

Since the release of Angular2, I see a lot of questions on StackOverflow tagged as angular2 + angularjs. As a reminder, AngularJS is the first version of Angular, and the tag should not be use for ...
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How to tag questions about the new Angular2 version (4.0.0) [duplicate]

Excuse: This question isn't about strict coding, but it's about issues and problems concerning the new version of Angular2. Introduction: As we know, yesterday, a new stable version of Angular2 (4....
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The [angularjs] and [angular] tags are constantly misused. How can it be improved? [duplicate]

AngularJS and Angular are two completely different JavaScript frameworks. Their names are similar enough that they are constantly being misused. The tag descriptions already encourage proper use, but ...
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Now can we burninate the Angular4 tag?

Angular2 was discussed at length here, however I feel the discussion has moved on. When Angular2 was released, it was known as Angular2, so it made sense to have a tag reflecting that. As we know, ...
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Is [angularjs2] a thing?

I'm asking this with respect to the Angular 2 discussion. Now, I'm totally no expert in this domain, but my Google skills say there is no such thing, yet there are some users insisting it should exist....
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How to remove an approved synonym?

I have a been reading for a while to find out how I can remove an approved synonym to a tag. For a long time, it looked like I needed to "down vote" it. But apparently, you can only vote for synonyms ...
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Should we remove the angularjs tag from angular2 questions?

The 2 projects (Angular 2 and AngularJS) are very different. And so I think it would be useful to have all Angular 2.x questions tagged only with angular and not with angularjs. This way if I ...
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Error on the tag description

I found that angular-material and angular-material2 tags have both the same description, which is, I am guessing, incorrect. Angular-material tag states: DO NOT use this tag for AngularJS ...
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What should our naming strategy for Angular-related libraries be?

Yes, this is about the never ending Angular madness, and I will briefly explain the fundamental issues of the naming problem (since it was not our fault). The objective with this is to get a broader ...
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Rename [angular2-*] to [angular-*]

Since new version of AngularJS framework is officially referred to as only Angular, I think all of the existing angular2-* tags should be renamed or merged to existing angular-* tags, here's the list: ...
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Synonym [angularjs2] to [angular]

Earlier this year we had this drama: What to do about Angular 2? (also related Is [angularjs2] a thing?) Today I ran across this excerpt edit for angularjs2 (rejected for lacking usage guidance). It ...
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The tag "angular4.x" can't be browsed

I discovered that there is a tag called angular4.x but when I try to search for angular4.x I get redirected to the angular tag. Is this a bug and if not why angular4.x is not browsable?
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'angular2' tag did not update to 'angular'

Earlier this year, Stack Overflow changed all of the [angular2] tags to [angular]. I just went into my Users → Edit Profile & Settings → Job Preferences → Technologies to update my job search ...
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Can we have tag warnings or full blocks for particular tag combinations? [duplicate]

As a very prominent example I often see questions tagged c++ along with the stl tag, that really doesn't apply validly to most of the common questions. The STL tag wiki clearly states that it mainly ...
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