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Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue! [closed]

A short time ago, we introduced the new triage queue - a place where users can quickly sort questions into various categories, where one of those categories is 'needs improvement'. Until now, we've ...
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Am I misusing the "Very Low Quality" flag?

I'm a little confused about what the "Very Low Quality" flag is supposed to be used for. I've read these answers about the VLQ flag: Is the Very Low Quality flag too ambiguous? Why were these “Very ...
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Do we have any stats on how often the skip button is pressed?

Do we have some statistic about the ratio the skip button is clicked in the "Help and Improvement" queue? Just wondering if my ratio (which feels nearly 95%) is near the same as for other community ...
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What is the official moderator statement about low quality flags in the Help and Improvement queue?

After a long time I started reviewing in H&I again. Per this advice I flagged everything I would normally close as low quality. Now I am banned: Looking at the flags: How to separate datablocks ...
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Can we change the link text to Triage queue help?

In the Triage review queue, there is a link at the top left that reads "We need your help separating questions into categories." It's a link to instruction on how Triage reviews should be done. I ...
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Can we increase the review audit ratio in Triage?

The Help & Improvement queue has some serious problems. We all know it is because reviewers in the Triage queue do not do the best job. Today I even got banned because of this. Some other related ...
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How to handle identified spam in Help and Improvement

We have had a long discussion about the problem in the H&I-Queue here, because we can not take the actions we want to take. For example this here. Now the system said: Our system has ...
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Specific hard-to-review question

tl;dr There was a question in triage with very high disagreement among the reviewers. Related meta questions The most relevant I could find was Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, ...
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How to Close a question in the Help and Improvement queue?

This is similar to 'Help and Improvement' needs help and HIQ “very low quality” link. Most of the questions I have seen in Help and Improvement are misclassified and many should be closed. There is a ...
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Require some Close Vote experience before Triage

Triage is guilty of making many wrong decisions regarding the Requires Editing Button. Many questions that should have been closed as off topic are sent to Help & Improvement. Maybe some ...