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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

It’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the ...
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The dawn of Documentation: a solstice update [closed]

Normally Kevin does these updates, but I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about how Documentation is doing from my perspective as a community manager. For the last 3 years or so, building ...
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Is Documentation a failed experiment? [closed]

Early on, I made some small change to some small part of PHP Documentation and occasionally see a single rep point pop up, but I NEVER find myself visiting it for ANY reason now. Matteo Italia's well ...
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Documentation should be elitist [closed]

This post was inspired by the "Is Documentation failing?" question, but it's something I've been thinking about for the system. The fact is: The idea of world-editable, world-moderated content makes ...
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Contribution to documentation - Low engagement levels & high approval turn around time [closed]

It's good to see Documentation beta in place. But still I am surprised on level of contribution from top experts. e.g. I have seen ...
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Why is documentation reputation counted as the main reputation? [closed]

TL;DR or remove the rep gain.. Let documentation be written by people who are genuinely interesting in creating good documentation. Not by people who want to earn rep – Tim Castelijns I would love ...
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Request for redesign to have better compatibility with 1024px-wide displays

The last time the 1024px issue was brought up was in early 2015. I wonder what the user metrics are now it's 2017. Personally, while I do have other machines with bigger displays, I'm currently ...
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Does Documentation deprecate canonical dupe target lists? [closed]

There are various old "What does this symbol mean" lists of community wiki canonical dupe targets which seem to have a great acceptance by the community, like Reference - What does this symbol mean ...
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Should people who've never asked or answered a question for C be allowed to review C documentation changes? [closed]

I was looking at recent changes in the C documentation, and came across the review The change was made by someone with a ...
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Why did Stack Overflow docs choose such a simple structure of organizing documentation? [closed]

I'm not sure about the motivation behind creating the SODocs project. But I'm personally very disappointed by it. If you are looking for the solution to a very specific problem, Stack Overflow is ...
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Allow for Area 51-like mini-metas per documentation tag [closed]

The issue Ultimately it looks like comments on topic proposals and change proposals are just not enough. They're not a platform for general tag-specific discussion. Currently we come to meta, but ...
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Add "deprecated" notation for documentation [closed]

I'd like to propose a method of flagging obsolete methods and practices within Documentation. Similar to how version-specific code is placed in a wrapper: <!-- if version [eq 1.0] --> Content ...
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Where can we discuss guidelines for Documentation on a per-tag basis? [closed]

So I took a closer look at a tag in Documentation I happen to know well, PHP. At the moment, there seems to be little of value there. :( Take pretty much any section there and look through the ...
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Where to discuss how to organize documentation for a tag/topic? [closed]

I think SO documentation is very similar to Wikipedia. People will need a space to discuss issues to avoid edits going back and forth. Did SO think about what would be the suitable place to have these ...
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Subscribe to an example [closed]

In the same way that you can can subscribe to issues on Github, it would be cool to subscribe to an example to get notified if it gets modified, moved or deleted.
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