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Is Documentation a failed experiment? [closed]

Early on, I made some small change to some small part of PHP Documentation and occasionally see a single rep point pop up, but I NEVER find myself visiting it for ANY reason now. Matteo Italia's well ...
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Is Documentation failing? [closed]

Are there any stats for Documentation about the activity in a specific tag? I have observed that a niche tag like MATLAB is pretty much dead (last action on Dec 2nd). I personally lost interest in ...
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Overly zealous editing of answer, what to do?

Here's an example answer. As you can see, the answer had been edited really significantly that finally the original answerer felt it necessary to add a disclaimer to the much-edited answer. What to ...
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The Community vs. The Domain Expert

So, I have a concern regarding reviews and I'm just probing the community for feedback. The idea is that with enough eyeballs on a review, the community will arrive at a reasonable consensus. Now, ...
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Add a tag-reputation limit on Documentation reviews [closed]

10 minutes ago the jQuery Selectors page within Documentation had its Introduction changed to: A jQuery selectors selects or finds a DOM (document object model) element in an HTML document. It is ...
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The things that drive me nuts about documentation [closed]

These are some of the things that make me wince every time I enter the documentation side of the site, that I think a decent number of people would agree with. I'd like to see what people think about ...
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How many people use filters in the /review?

I remember a graph that shows how many users give up /review when they are about the X review, some years back. One of the assumptions for those users dropping out the /review was that they are thrown ...
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Restrict reviews of tag wikis/excerpts to those who've spent time in that tag

This question got me thinking...three users were able to approve edits to a tag wiki that they don't have any sort of showing in. (I'm sure that third user had a momentary blip, and that his C++ tag ...
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How is it possible that this edit was approved?

I'm talking about this edit. It clearly changes the code in the answer to something that no longer solves the problem. The previous code was what OP wanted, the edit changed it to something that no ...
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Docs.SO needs a review queue [closed]

Now that the masses are allowed to make documentation changes, reviewing their pending requests is more important than ever. The number of edits jumped by several orders of magnitude across the board, ...
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Are bad documentation changes getting passed because of inexperienced reviewing? [closed]

Currently everybody (with 150+ reputation points I believe) can review changes to documentation. This makes for a fast documentation review process. However, how do we stop users with no knowledge of ...
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Increase reputation requirement to edit certain topics in Documentation [closed]

SO has a good documentation and we as users added, reviewed and edited topics to make them better, and it is a nice thing that editors can get some points as well as it's more encouraging! Yet I ...
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An alternative direction for Stack Overflow Documentation: as a Code Repository [closed]

I was reading yet another "Has Documentation Failed?" question, and came across this: ... most examples on Docs.SO are not "real-world code". They're artificial, used to explain a specific point. ...
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Documentation feedback: Edit approval [closed]

With 2000+ SO reps one has the privilege to edit questions and answers but Documentation edits require approval. Is this intentional or just because of BETA? Considering the various contributions ...
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Show intro-only edits in "Activity" on the Docs dashboard [duplicate]

I figured I'd try out the new Introduction section and edited one into a few topics. I can find the edit history on my profile page; but it is not listed on the tag's dashboard. I'm guessing this is ...
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