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Number of new accounts that have their first question closed shortly after account creation?

In the Tavern, the topic of post quality came up recently. One of the ideas thrown out was to delay the ability of newly registered users from posting immediately - perhaps a 30 minute delay to '...
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Failed an audit, am I wrong?

This is the audit: It clearly answers the question. I do not know whether it is correct or not, so I cannot safely vote up or down. Should I ...
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Is there a place where I can see information (chatrooms, Q&A, and results) for previous elections?

The text for all of the Stack Overflow elections appear to change retrospectively so that when one changes, e.g. to update the link to the "The candidates answer your questions" or the Election Chat ...
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Why aren't users suspected of multiple voting irregularities suspended indefinitely? I see in this one's reputation page, just on the first page: Pretty clear what's going on. Why isn't a user like that removed indefinitely, instead of ...
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Should I delete an old, unanswered question that I wouldn't ask again today?

When I was relatively new here and just learning Python, I asked a question about initializing objects that I thought might be worth some discussion, or might not - I figured I'll ask it and see, if ...
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Is the review audit too strict?

I just failed this audit: Which while not an indepth answer it could have solved the problem (if correct) which should make it an acceptable ...
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NAA Flag Declined (I know)

I'm sure this is all your favorite kind of question but I'm just looking for some feedback. Usually my NAA flags are successful and it's my most common type of flag. I flagged this answer to a pretty ...
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Should we have moderation election Audits?

I was just thinking: is it possible that some people would vote for random candidates (the first three candidates on the page, for example), because the reason for which they cast their vote is simply ...
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Old, off-topic, locked, low views, low score - delete?

Should we delete this question? My question: Why not delete it? (Or perhaps why can't we vote to delete?) I try to moderate as I come across content ...
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"Knee jerk" duplicate flagging and careless rubber stamping doesn't provide optimal service to posters [closed]

I'm a little steamed at this point, so if I appear to be criticizing in a non-constructive way, I apologize. It's not my intent. My intent is that I see a problem and I'd like to help fix it. I was ...
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How do I know which moderators are best?

Yes, they have stats and nomination profiles and I can research what they'd done in the past, but stats don't draw the whole pictures and most candidates have good stats. Nomination profiles are kind ...
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What is the purpose of votes on the election questionnaire during the nomination period?

In the nomination period of the Moderator Election there is a Q&A - Questionnaire. 2016 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire People are voting on the Questionnaire. Is there a ...
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