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How to treat bad English sentence syntax and typo hell?

I have recently come across questions with messed up English sentence syntax (example - subsequently edited). While the English is generally OK (as far as I can tell), there are many typos and, what's ...
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Number of new accounts that have their first question closed shortly after account creation?

In the Tavern, the topic of post quality came up recently. One of the ideas thrown out was to delay the ability of newly registered users from posting immediately - perhaps a 30 minute delay to '...
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Old, off-topic, locked, low views, low score - delete?

Should we delete this question? My question: Why not delete it? (Or perhaps why can't we vote to delete?) I try to moderate as I come across content ...
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Should questions with unnecessary Stack Snippets be edited?

Just looking at this question. I've seen a few questions in this format lately where new(er) users are using code snippets to format their questions rather than the traditional four space method. ...
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NAA Flag Declined (I know)

I'm sure this is all your favorite kind of question but I'm just looking for some feedback. Usually my NAA flags are successful and it's my most common type of flag. I flagged this answer to a pretty ...
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Housekeeping my own self-answered questions

Over the past few weeks I've posted three questions that I've ended up answering myself. Having read the advice in this question about "What do I do with my unanswered questions once I solve it by ...
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Is it OK if I flag a question for removal because the OP is being rude to everyone trying to answer his question?

Today I came across this question. Whenever we are asking for clarification or telling the OP (politely) that his understanding is wrong, the OP is making a mockery of our politeness. He is passing ...
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Can a question be a duplicate if it's totally different? [duplicate]

There is this question: Why does changing a css class name break the styles? that reminded me of this question: Why row won't show up? but only after the answer was given, which was that it was caused ...
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Is the review audit too strict?

I just failed this audit: Which while not an indepth answer it could have solved the problem (if correct) which should make it an acceptable ...
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Failed an audit, am I wrong?

This is the audit: It clearly answers the question. I do not know whether it is correct or not, so I cannot safely vote up or down. Should I ...
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Why aren't users suspected of multiple voting irregularities suspended indefinitely? I see in this one's reputation page, just on the first page: Pretty clear what's going on. Why isn't a user like that removed indefinitely, instead of ...
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Should I delete an old, unanswered question that I wouldn't ask again today?

When I was relatively new here and just learning Python, I asked a question about initializing objects that I thought might be worth some discussion, or might not - I figured I'll ask it and see, if ...

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