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Index of Documentation update announcements [closed]

Is there a collated list of Documentation updates by developers?
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Documentation: grammar mistake "Getting started with..."? [closed]

I noticed that in the Stack Overflow documentation the "Getting started with [name]" topic can lead to (unwanted?) grammar mistakes. For example, the documentation for "Python Language" becomes "...
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Why are there so many audits for proposed documentation changes? [closed]

I'm playing around the documentation review queue, and I have noticed that it has an excessive amount of review audits. The audit pattern seems predictable: if there's some amount of continual items ...
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Subscribe to an example [closed]

In the same way that you can can subscribe to issues on Github, it would be cool to subscribe to an example to get notified if it gets modified, moved or deleted.
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Documentation Update, November 29th [closed]

Well, November 2016 sure was a month that happened. Now that we're on the other side of the US election and holidays (and the team is back at work) it's time for an update on Stack Overflow ...
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The dawn of Documentation: a solstice update [closed]

Normally Kevin does these updates, but I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about how Documentation is doing from my perspective as a community manager. For the last 3 years or so, building ...
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Can we remove the "Documentation Update, October 20th" from the "Featured on Meta" sidebar?

It is more than a month old and there have been progress with bugs and updates since then on the documentation tag.
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Shouldn't there be a way to comment on documentation entries? [duplicate]

The new documentation section of SO is cool. It fills a needed gap. However, we need some sort of mechanism for adding comments to the user-contributed examples. Here's why: In the section on the ...
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Increase the size of the proposed change description box [closed]

I was going through the php docs and had some updates/fixes on several sub-topics. Apparently, the changes are all bundled into a single change request. Understandable, but I don't know if it's ...
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Documentation Update, September 29th [closed]

This is the fifth post in our series of regular (roughly fortnightly weekly) updates on the Documentation Beta. See also the previous post in the series. Shipped Changes Reputation As announced ...
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Documentation Reputation Update Is Live [closed]

TL;DR Noticed your rep change? It’s because we’re deploying an update to the rep in the Documentation Beta as was announced a couple weeks ago. The biggest change: there is now a “minor” ...
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Allow editing of main documentation name or title [closed]

Please have a look at the Prolog documentation: The tabs read "prolog" [sic], "dashboard", and "topics". For comparison, in the C documentation, the tabs read "C language", "dashboard" and "topics". ...